sun safe boating

Extend your UV protection with a canvas system that adds both comfort and more adequate sun protection while boating

Extend your boating time on the water with full shade
coverge that gives you better sun protection.

We initially designed our retractable sunshade system with convenience in mind… but the ability to extend shade where once not possible on a boat makes SureShade a very smart choice for sun protection while boating.

Boaters that spend countless hours relaxing, fishing or cruising under the hot sun are always looking for ways to minimize UV exposure, get out of the sun’s direct rays and get under cover. Many boat designs simply do not offer adequate sun protection on all areas of the boat.

With SureShade, you can easily add canvas and shade for fuller coverage on a boat – providing sun protection where your boat’s design has previously left you exposed.

More Sun Protection to Extend your Boating Time

Boaters are much more susceptible to harmful effects of the sun than people that engage in other recreational activities on land. This is because boaters are constantly exposed to UVA and UVB rays as well as reflected light from the water – even during cloudy weather. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the added reflection from white shiny boats can also intensify the problem.

Sun rays reflect off the water and your boat making sun protection even more important for boaters.


SureShade works with many boat owners that choose our retractable sunshade systems to extend shade protection due to concerns over the many hours they spend under the sun while boating. This could be as simple as boaters who just want more sun protection for the comfort of their family and friends… or as critical as a former skin cancer patient looking for fuller sun protection so they can continue enjoying recreational boating activities.

A SureShade retractable sunshade system can extend your boat’s sun protection by adding retractable shade over a cockpit, bridge deck or forward bow from a hardtop, radar arch or bridge when you want or need shelter from the sun.

Our shade systems are designed to enhance any boat style, keeping our eye on aesthetics while being mindful of ultimately providing fuller sun protection on a boat.

UV Protected Marine Grade Boat Canvas for Quality Sun Protection

In addition to the marine grade boat shade components used in all of our retractable sunshade systems, SureShade is proud to use only the best marine grade canvas materials for optimal sun protection on a boat.

All of our sunshade systems utilize marine grade canvas materials with a 50+ UPF rating – confirmed by our suppliers using a Labsphere Ultraviolet Transmittance Analyzer and UPF rating system.

All UV protected canvas is also available in any color you choose to complement your boat styling or personal preferences.

A SureShade retractable sunshade system – combined with responsible use of sunscreen, proper clothing and UV protective sunglasses – is one of the best ways for boaters to enjoy more comfortable sun protection and extend their boating time on the water.