Sufari 48

Jimmy Buffett’s new high performance sailing yacht “Drifter” is hull #1 of the Surfari 48 featuring the first SureShade sunshade system on a sailboat

SureShade has become well known as the industry leader for boat shade systems on power boats, but has yet to be featured on sailboats… until now!

The new Surfari 48 – designed by Ted Fontaine and built by The Friendship Yacht Company – is an innovative modern performance sailing yacht with as strong an emphasis on speed under sail as speed under power. It’s a high-performance cruising yacht that’s designed to function like a racing yacht under sail, and like a motoryacht under power, with twin 80-horsepower Yanmar JH 80 diesel engines capable of a speed of 10 knots.

According to designer Ted Fontaine, Surfari 48 is “a game changer, this is a boat people do not even know they want. Spend an hour on board and it all makes sense. He sails fast, powers fast, keeps you out of the sun, provides easy access to the water, can easily carry paddleboards and kayaks and you only go below to sleep, use the head or to sleep for the night. It is a water born floating home with a permanent dock.”

Sufari 48

The designer goes on to note, yachtsman interested in the Surfari 48 design “..want exciting speeds under sail and power, they wanted a single level, indoor / outdoor floor plan with excellent protection from the sun.”

SureShade’s ATF automated boat shade was the perfect solution for improved sun protection with the seamless indoor/outdoor space desired on the Surfari 48. Featuring our patented telescoping framework, our electric shade system delivers a powerful option for this innovative sailing yacht.

Surfari 48

Jimmy Buffet’s Surfari 48

Surfari 48The first hull of the new Surfari 48, “Drifter”, was custom built for owner Jimmy Buffett – who has already sailed her single-handed to the Bahamas twice!

“Buffett epitomizes the demographic that would get the most out of the Surfari 48,” said Fontaine, adding that target markets include experienced performance racing yacht owners who have exhausted their appetites for competition and the extensive demands of their campaigns.

“Having honed their sailing skills to near-professional levels, these potential owners associate high performance with high technology. They want to go fast and get there in style, and now that they are approaching their retirement years their need for speed is being seasoned with a newly appreciated desire for comfort and versatility afloat.”

We are of course thrilled that we are able to help keep those “boat drinks” cool on Buffett’s SureShade-equipped Surfari 48 sailboat in Margaritaville!

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