M3 Automated Boat Shade

Electrically Powered Telescoping Mega Shade

Now with Silent Glide Operation!

SureShade M3™ Automated Mega Shade is an electrical shade with a 3 stage extension (as opposed to a two-stage system on the ATF) enabling longer and wider canvas extension.

Using the same patented retractable shade system as our SureShade ATF, the M3 features a three-stage telescopic framework design with a maximum shade extension of 10 feet (3.048m).

M3 is ideal for boats over 60 feet (18m) or for shading larger areas of a boat (such as a large cockpit or bow).

Retail Price (MSRP): Starts at $14,025 USD plus installation

Key Features

How to Buy

Private Boat Owners

SureShade M3 is a factory or dealer installed product. We will work directly with your boat dealer / service tech in order to recommend the best sunshade system for your boat.


Boat Builders / Dealers

Builders: Add a factory-installed automated shade option or feature to your boat line as part of a new boat design or retrofit.
Dealers:  Offer our shade to clients as an aftermarket installation.


How it Works

M3 Automated Boat Shade

SureShade M3 is a fully automated, electric powered mega shade solution for boats over 60 feet or for larger areas of a boat, such as a large cockpit or bow.

The self-supported framework provides shade without the use of inhibiting support poles in the back of the boat to interfere with boating activities such as fishing, boarding and docking. Versatile mounting options include surface-mount or fully integrated installations, along with arched roller designs that seamlessly extend shade as a natural extension of a boat.

The SureShade M3 automated tele-frame shade utilizes a patented telescoping tubular framework to automatically extend or retract canvas at the touch of a button. The shade is electrically wired to a switch (typically at the helm) that initiates extension or retraction.

Designed specifically for the marine environment, this electric power-driven shade system can be installed with components fully-integrated within a hardtop or bridge.

All of our M3 mega shades now feature out “Silent Glide” technology to operate with virtually no sound!

Boats featuring our legacy M3 shade may also upgrade to our latest silent glide technology with the purchase of an upgrade kit.

Now Featuring SureShade Control Bluetooth App

sureshade control

SureShade ATF automated shade systems can now be controlled with our Bluetooth application – SureShade Control.

The SureShade Control app comes standard with all SureShade ATF shade systems to simplify operation (starting with January 2021 shipments). Boaters can now easily extend and retract ATF shade systems from a Bluetooth enabled Apple or Android device. Of course, the shade system will continue to be able to be operated with a momentary switch as installed by the boat builder (OEM installs on new boats) in addition to utilizing the new Bluetooth app.

Future SureShade Control functionality will include additional care & maintenance features, along with the ability to send diagnostic data to tech support personnel for more efficient and accurate troubleshooting.

The SureShade Control Bluetooth application began shipping with new ATF shade systems in January 2021, and is available as an upgrade to existing SureShade customer installations if desired.

SureShade M3: Patents Utilized

Electrical or Digital Control Options

ATF shade digital controls

SureShade M3 automated shades can be controlled with switches or digital controls, or even via an OEM developed app or remote.

Shades can be programmed to fully extend or retract with one button push or by holding a control until the shade reaches the desired extension length.

Video Demos

SureShade M3 Automated Mega Shade

Retail Price (MSRP): Starts at $14,025 USD plus installation*

Final price based on length & width needed for your boat.

Price Includes:

  • SureShade M3 stainless steel, telescoping framework
  • Actuators for operation with all wiring components
  • Specialized mounting brackets
  • Sunbrella canvas in your color choice
  • One year parts warranty

*Installation charges are applied by your installer.

Key Technical Features

  • Electric power-driven retractable shade
  • Self-supported stainless steel framework
  • Various spring tension roller types (straight / patented cambered) allow for hands-free roll-up
  • Independently tested and can withstand winds of 50+ mph (80kph), can hold 300lbs (136kg) across the stainless steel framework of the top
  • Ideal for boats over 60 feet in length(9 m) with an overhead structure or larger areas of a boat (such as a large cockpit or bow)
  • Three-stage telescopic framework design with maximum shade extension of 10 feet (3.048m)

Additional Specifications

Shade Extension Length: up to 10 feet (3048 mm)
Actual Canvas Length: 140 in (3556 mm)
Stationary Tube Length: 70 in (1778 mm)
Overall Length: 76.75 in (1949.45 mm)
Max Centerline Width: 144 in (3658 mm)
Material: Stainless Steel (316SS)
Camber?: Yes
Controller Dimensions: 5x7x1.5 in (127x178x38 mm)
Controller Voltage: 12 v or 24 v
Controller Amperage: 14-17 amps
Approximate Weight: 160 lbs (73 kg)
Installation Time: 8-10 hours (2 techs)

NOTE: Maximum valance cover weight 20 lbs (9 kg) – shade will not function correctly if attached valance exceeds this weight.

Sunbrella MarineOur sunshade systems feature marine-grade Sunbrella® canvas for optimal durability in a marine environment.

Sunbrella canvas resists mildew and fading and carries the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation for sun protection.

To view available canvas colors, visit the Sunbrella Marine Fabric showroom (solid colors only) for a full selection of canvas colors to choose from for your SureShade sunshade system.

How to Measure for SureShade M3

Our comprehensive measuring documents will guide you through the process for determining proper placement and custom sizing for your SureShade system based on your boat application.

View Measuring Guides

SureShade Product Warranty

SureShade provides the following Limited Warranty of its electric and manual sunshade systems.

SureShade warrants that the shade framework – which consists of the actuator drive assemblies, crossbars, roller assembly, mounts and in the case of an electric shade, the motors, controller and wire that connects the actuators to the controller – will be free from material defects and workmanship and will repair or replace, at its sole discretion, any inoperable components that are reported within 3 years from the date of shade sale to original purchaser – boat builder, dealer or private boat owner.

SureShade will also replace, at its sole discretion, the canvas component of the shade system (electric or manual) when reported defective within one year from the date of canvas manufacture as indicated on the white manufacturer tag attached to the canvas (tag must remain attached for warranty purposes).

Read our full warranty statement

SureShade M3: Frequently Asked Questions

Our M3 automated mega shade system is ideal for boats over 60 feet with an overhead structure – such as a hardtop, arch or bridge. M3 can also be installed to provide maximum shade coverage in an oversized cockpit or bow area of a boat. Our engineering and design team works with boat manufacturers and dealers on placement designs that complement the overall aesthetics of a boat.
SureShade M3 can be mounted any number of ways to a hardtop, bridge or radar arch. M3 can be surface-mounted (topside or underside) or fully integrated within a boat’s fiberglass. SureShade will work with OEMs, dealers or private boat owners on the best placement of the shade based on the boat design. Clients have the final say as to how they want our shade to be mounted to their boat.
The design, structure and durability of the two sunshade systems are the same – all of our shade systems use our patented telescoping design. The only difference is how the shade is operated to extend or retract. The M3 and ATF automated shade systems are powered by a motor and are wired to the boat’s battery. The MTF manual system is operated by a manual hand lever, and the RTX Pull-out Shade is operated with a pull-out/push-in mechanism.
The framework of SureShade M3 automated system is made of stainless steel (316SS), and the framework extends and retracts via telescoping actuators. Engineered to be fully self-supported, the framework of all of our shade systems requires no support poles when fully extended allowing for unobstructed views and accessibility on a boat.
Yes, our designs are so robust that they can be used fully extended while a boat is underway. SureShade shades have been independently tested and can withstand wind speeds of 50+ mph, and can hold 300 lbs across the framework. However, we do not recommend extending or retracting operation of the shade top while underway or cruising with a forward (bow) mounted shade extended.
Additional installation charges will apply for our M3 automated shade system which requires assistance from a dealer or marine service technician. Contact SureShade or a dealer for pricing on a particular boat model and/or type of installation.
The SureShade M3 automated systems are typically dealer or factory-installed and you can order SureShade directly through your dealer. SureShade will coordinate directly with local boat dealers for selection of shade top and type of installation.

How to Buy

Private Boat Owners

SureShade M3 is a factory or dealer installed product. We will work directly with your boat dealer / service tech in order to recommend the best sunshade system for your boat.


Boat Builders / Dealers

Builders: Add a factory-installed automated shade option or feature to your boat line as part of a new boat design or retrofit.
Dealers:  Offer our shade to clients as an aftermarket installation.


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