We stand behind our quality construction and marine grade components used for all our SureShade sunshade products.

SureShade Product Warranty Statement

SureShade provides the following Limited Warranty of its electric and manual sunshade awning systems.

SureShade warrants that the shade framework – which consists of the actuator drive assemblies, crossbars, roller assembly, mounts and in the case of an electric shade, the motors, controller and wire that connects the actuators to the controller – will be free from material defects and workmanship and will repair or replace, at its sole discretion, any inoperable components that are reported within 3 years from the date of shade sale to original purchaser – boat builder, dealer or private boat owner.

SureShade will also replace, at its sole discretion, the canvas component of the shade system (electric or manual) when reported defective within one year from the date of canvas manufacture as indicated on the white manufacturer tag attached to the canvas (tag must remain attached for warranty purposes).

Exclusions to this limited warranty are as follows:

  • Damage resulting from abuse, misuse, neglect, improper installation, improper operation, improper maintenance, attempted repair efforts resulting in further damage, power surges, underpowering or forcing operation in low voltage situations, improper stowage for ground transportation, inclement weather or other act of nature.
  • Damage resulting from leaving the shade extended unattended during inclement weather.
  • Damage resulting from leaving shade extended in conditions that exceed the shade framework’s wind rating of 50mph (Applies to aft facing shade only. Forward shade must be stowed at all times while boat is underway).
  • Damage resulting from corrosion.
  • Any shade product that has been altered or modified from SureShade factory specifications.
  • Any shade that’s installed without SureShade-supplied or approved mounting components.
  • Removal and/or dismantling of the shade and its components (including actuator drive system) without proper notification to SureShade.
  • Attempted controller reset that results in loss of controller memory, specifically the manipulation of dip switches 1-4.
  • Deterioration of the canvas thread and stitching.
  • Travel time to / from boat to troubleshoot, repair and/or replace components.
  • Labor cost and expenses associated with removal or reinstallation of other components in order to access the shade product components.
  • Any cost associated with production downtime or time spent troubleshooting or reviewing troubleshooting documentation / videos.
  • Excessive labor cost beyond recommended standard labor repair rates.

SureShade reserves the right to utilize reconditioned, refurbished, repaired or remanufactured products or parts in the warranty repair or replacement process. Such products and parts will be comparable in function and performance to an original product or part and warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period.

In no event shall any repair or replacement under this Limited Warranty exceed the fair market value of the product as of the date of the owner’s claim.

Acceptance of any product returned for any refund provided by SureShade shall not be deemed an admission that the product is defective.

In order for a warranty claim to be deemed valid, the following information must be provided to SureShade immediately after discovery of any defect:

  • Description of the nature of the problem
  • Details of the boat that the shade is installed on – year, make, model and hull identification number.
  • Date of shade purchase, or in the case of factory install, date of boat purchase.
  • Details of the installation – Factory install? Dealer install? Private install?

SureShade will make every effort to troubleshoot, determine root cause and fully resolve the issue, either directly or with an experienced marine technician. SureShade is solely responsible for determining and authorizing the remedial actions to be performed either by a SureShade technician or an experience marine technician approved by SureShade.

The remedy of repair or replacement of parts or materials that are found to be defective in factory materials or workmanship covered by this limited warranty shall constitute the owner’s sole and exclusive remedy against SureShade for any claims whatsoever of economic loss resulting from product failure.

Full Warranty StatementDOWNLOAD PDF (opens in new window)

SurePower Controller Warranty

In the event the orange warranty label is cut or tampered with in any way, it will void all warranty coverage on this controller. Review our SurePower Controller Warranty statement for details.

Full Warranty Statement for SurePower Controller – DOWNLOAD PDF (opens in new window)

More Customer Resources

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