SureShade is committed to improving sun safety on boats by offering shade systems that give boaters more sun protection… where and when they need it

Since the invention of our marine retractable sunshade system, SureShade has been a vocal advocate for the importance of sun safety and its contribution to safer recreational boating.

With the average boater spending 5.7 hours on the water per outing, as reported in a 2012 U.S. Coast Guard survey report, ensuring sun safety is vital to the health of boaters.

By providing boat manufacturers and private boat owners with the ability to add shade where once not possible, combined with the use of UPF 50+ Sunbrella fabrics, the SureShade sunshade system can significantly improve sun protection in an open cockpit, bridge or forward bow of a boat.

The growing demand for our shades is a testament to the changing views of sun safety in boating as the industry and boaters recognize how improved sun protection is critical to their safety and enjoyment on the water.

Sun Safety – the Sensible Way to Boat

Baseball Hall of Famer, boater and sun safety advocate Mike Schmidt shares his love of boating, his story about surviving skin cancer and how he feels about the importance of sun protection on boats.

SureShade Sun Safety

At SureShade, we are obviously big advocates of seeking shade for sun protection without interfering with enjoyment on the water.

Our retractable sunshade system is uniquely designed to help boaters be more sun safe:

  • Self-supported framework offers more shade coverage options on boats where shade was once not possible (like an open cockpit area of a boat where you spend a lot of time)
  • Natural extensions of a boat’s design that extends shade seamlessly from a hardtop, arch or bridge of a boat
  • Quality, marine-grade canvas material using Sunbrella fabrics with a 50+ UPF rating

Why Shade is Important on a Boat

With fishing, cruising, anchoring, lounging, entertaining…the time you spend on your boat adds up quickly. And it only takes 20 minutes of sun exposure to get sunburn if not properly protected. To make matters worse, prime boating times typically correspond with peak UV exposure times (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.). UV rays can reflect from the water and fiberglass boats and damage your skin – even on cloudy days!

More shade is a very important step in sun protection. In fact, making sure you have proper sunshade protection is as important to boat safety as making sure there are enough PFDs on board. Without shade, you are left completely exposed to potential sun damage.

Our Industry Commitments



ATF Automated Shade
– Boats over 30 Feet

M3 Automated Mega Shade
– Boats over 60 Feet

AMS Automated Shade
– OEM only

PTX Power Shade
– Boats under 26 Feet

Power Bimini
– Pontoon or deck boats




RTX Pull-Out Shade
– Boats under 27 Feet

MTX Pull-Out Shade
– Boats under 45 Feet

MTF Manual Shade
– Boats under 35 Feet