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SureShade’s innovative retractable sunshade systems are an industry game-changer for boat builders and dealers.

As a designer and inventor of marine sunshade systems, SureShade holds patents* for several components and continues to develop innovative sunshade designs for nearly any boat style.

Our patented technology is unlike any other in the marine industry… and simply cannot be matched.

*Other U.S. and international patents pending.

New Product Designs – IBEX 2017

SureShade Marks 10 Years at IBEX with 2017 Debut of Next Generation Boat Shades

SureShade Solar Boat Shade

SureShade Solar Shade (SS Solar)

SureShade introduces a groundbreaking solar retractable shade system that harnesses the abundant availability of the sun to generate and transmit supplemental boat power.

SureShade SGT 85 percent noise reduction

SureShade ATF-SG Silent Glide Technology

SureShade has developed a next-generation automated retractable sunshade system with its new ATF-SG shade – an electric shade with “silent glide” technology producing 85% less noise than its current ATF electric shade.

SureShade MTX

SureShade MTX Manual Pull-Out Shade

SureShade MTX offers builders and boaters a new manual pull-out shade system that leverages the telescoping framework, stainless steel construction, cambered roller design & functionality of SureShade’s flagship ATF Automated Boat Shade at half the cost.


Primary Patents Issued and Approved

Telescoping Framework Patent

U.S. Patent #7571691 – “Retractable Bimini Top Device”
Europe and China Patents – Notice of Approval
Canada Patent – Notice of Approval

Only SureShade has a patented telescoping framework technology that allows boat shade tops to extend and retract with no support poles to interfere with boating activities. It is this tele-frame technology that makes SureShade robust and durable in harsh marine environments.

*Telescoping Framework patent applies to: ALL SureShade products

More Patent Details & Drawings

Arched Roller Framework Patent

U.S. Patent #7895964 – “Arched Canopy Assembly”

Designed to accommodate the unique curves of a boat, the arched roller component serves as part of the self-supported retractable sunshade system by SureShade. The curvature of the arched roller system complements the curves of a boat’s overhead structure – such as a radar arch or hardtop – enhancing boat aesthetics and acting as a natural extension of the boat design.

*Arched Roller Patent applies to: SureShade RTXSureShade ATF and SureShade M3 shades

More Patent Details & Drawings

Manual Shade Patent

US Patent #8857366 – “Manually-operated boat canopy system”

SureShade is the only retractable boat shade manufacturer in the marine industry to utilize a spring-loaded arm mechanism of any configuration to drive the shade framework to extend canvas over the cockpit of a boat. The deployment and retraction of the spring-loaded shade framework is controlled by a gearbox assembly which also simultaneously tensions the canvas roller.

*Manual Shade System Patent applies to: SureShade MTF

More Patent Details & Drawings

RTX Pull-Out Shade Patent

U.S. Patent #9,139,258 – “Pull-Out Manual Shade System”

The SureShade RTX Pull-out Tele-frame Shade features a pull-out / push-in mechanism that allows shade to easily retract or extend. Utilizing SureShade’s flagship telescoping tubular framework, boaters can simply and swiftly pull-out and push back the shade in a matter of seconds. Canvas automatically rolls up on a torsion-spring roller with no physical handling of canvas. A necessary and unprecedented feature of this system is its locking device that prevents the shade from self-retracting from vibration or wind when fully extended, even while underway.

*Manual Pull-Out Patent applies to: SureShade RTX

More Patent Details & Drawings

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