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SureShade telescoping sunshade systems continue to transform new boat designs with the introduction of new innovative boat shade products at IBEX 2018 

The recreational boating industry is seeing a clear trend as new boat models hit the market each year – boat designs are increasingly focused on incorporating a combination of comfort and performance features aimed at elevating a boater’s experience.

Boat builders are increasingly challenged with evolving design and introducing innovative features that deliver that “wow” factor to boaters. And builders realize that quick adoption of new boat products and innovative design features is essential for selling more boats.

Marine accessory suppliers that understand where the recreational boating market is going – with the foresight to develop new products boaters may not have even realize they wanted – can truly partner with boat builders to become an integral part of transforming future boat designs.

Silence speaks volumes

This fall at IBEX, SureShade, the U.S. manufacturer of patented telescoping sunshade systems, is officially rolling out their much-anticipated next generation electric shade system that promises to once again transform what boaters will come to expect from new boat designs.

ATF-SG “Silent Glide” boat shade is SureShade’s next-generation automated retractable sunshade system with silent glide technology. ATF-SG uses the same patented telescoping framework of the current ATF electric shade – it is simply much quieter and requires much less power.

Key benefits include:

  • Silent shade operation – 85% less noise
  • 80% power requirement reduction
  • Same look & feel – seamless OEM transition at factory or upgrade for existing clients
Cruisers 338 OB

New Cruisers 338 OB equipped with SureShade ATF-SG Silent Glide Shade

The new ATF-SG Silent Shade may indeed be silent, but it speaks volumes to how SureShade has adapted their product offering to meet boat builder and boater feature requests. Meeting the design challenge of a quieter shade head on, SureShade made modifications to the internal drive system of their flagship ATF Automated Boat Shade product so that extending or retracting their electric shade is now virtually unnoticeable to the human ear.

The design modifications come with other significant improvements as well.

New ATF-SG systems operate with an 80% reduction in power consumption consisting of a single power source which now draws only 3 AMPS @ 12VDC (single 5AMP fuse) rather than drawing from two power sources that combine at 14 AMPS @ 12VDC (single 15AMP fuse & another 5AMP Fuse) with original system. The new ATF-SG system also has the ability to operate at 10.5VDC.

ATF-SG has the same exact look and feel of the current ATF shade with comparable performance and functionality. The transition to the new Silent Glide Shade is seamless for builders and can be supplied for current boat models that offer the shade without any impact to current installation, engineering or new product development efforts.

Existing boat models equipped with SureShade ATF automated shade can easily be upgraded to the new ATF-SG silent glide. Upgrades will require the purchase of a new controller, wiring harness and both actuators. Installation is a direct fit with no other modifications needed.

For boat models not previously factory-equipped, SureShade ATF-SG Silent Glide shade is also available as an aftermarket installation.

More options aft to bow

SureShade also continues to roll out their new pull-out shade system that will be an industry game-changer for a more permanent, seamless solution for shade on smaller boats or a bow shade.

MTX Pull-Out Boat Shade is a new stainless steel, self-supported pull-out manual shade that will be ideal as forward and/or aft shade for center console and dual console boats. The self-supported, telescoping framework becomes a seamless extension of a boat’s hardtop, arch, tower or T-top.

With the introduction of MTX, SureShade offers a more permanent solution to the cumbersome pole-supported canopy shades often used on a bow. The MTX shade will be offered in 6FT and 9FT extension lengths, making it versatile as a self-supported aft or larger bow shade. Once installed, boaters simply pull-out for shade in seconds.

Learn more about ATF-SG and MTX at IBEX 2018 – booth #1349 or slip 12D –  or stop by our Tech Talk Workshop October 2 at 11:00 am to hear directly from our engineer and service team.