Silent Glide Shade

ATF-SG “Silent Glide” boat shade is SureShade’s next-generation automated retractable sunshade system with silent glide technology – available to OEMs for factory installs starting in summer 2018

SureShade’s flagship ATF Automated Boat Shade, which debuted at the 2007 IBEX, currently produces a noise level of 85-90 decibels as the actuator motors electrically extend or retract. Although the shade typically only operates for 30 seconds, builders and boaters have requested quieter operation of the ATF shade.

With ATF-SG, SureShade has achieved a quieter electric shade system that does not compromise the streamlined design, framework dimensions or installation process of the current ATF electric shade.

ATF-SG has the same exact look and feel of the current ATF shade as all enhancements are internal to the drive system – it is simply much quieter.

Key Benefits of SureShade Silent Glide Shade
* Silent shade operation – 85% less noise
* 80% power requirement reduction
* Same look & feel – seamless OEM transition at factory or upgrade for existing clients

What’s Changing with Silent Glide…

New boat models equipped with factory-installed SureShade ATF automated boat shades will now begin to utilize the new ATF-SG silent glide shade.

When extending or retracting the shade, SureShade ATF-SG produces sound that is virtually unnoticeable to the human ear.

New ATF-SG systems also operate with 80% power requirement reduction – consisting of a single power source which draws 3 AMPS @ 12VDC (single 5AMP fuse) rather than drawing from two power sources that combine at 14 AMPS @ 12VDC (single 15AMP fuse & another 5AMP Fuse) with original system. The new ATF-SG system also has the ability to operate at 10.5VDC.

Download our new Wiring Diagram for Silent Glide

What’s Not Changing with Silent Glide…

ATF-SG has the same exact look and feel of the current ATF shade as all enhancements are internal to the drive system – it is simply much quieter.

User operation of the shade works the same way as the current ATF shade, with comparable performance and functionality.

Timeframe for Availability of Silent Glide…

ATF-SG availability is a phased roll-out and may vary by builder and boat model. Dealers can expect delivery of ATF-SG factory-equipped boat models starting in spring 2018.

Upgrading to ATF-SG Silent Glide Shade

Existing boat models equipped with SureShade ATF automated shade can easily be upgraded to the new ATF-SG silent glide. Upgrades will require the purchase of a new controller, wiring harness and both actuators. Installation is a direct fit with no other modifications needed.

For boat models not previously factory-equipped, SureShade ATF-SG Silent Glide shade is also available as an aftermarket installation. Dealers can earn both sales & installation service revenue by upgrading existing clients to ATF-SG Silent Glide or when selling new aftermarket installations of SureShade.

For upgrade or aftermarket sales, contact SureShade directly by sending us a marine trade inquiry.

Download a PDF of our Silent Glide OEM Roll-out announcement