sureshade ontrack

SureShade OnTrack Sliding Canvas Sunroof system introduced to boat builders as newest product innovation at IBEX 2018

SureShade OnTrack is a new sliding canvas sunroof system that leverages SureShade’s patented cambered roller technology for improved functionality and performance.

A functional product prototype of the new OnTrack Sliding Canvas Sunroof system was available for demonstrations at the 2018 International Boatbuilders Exhibition (IBEX) for immediate OEM consideration.

OnTrack offers boat builders a new canvas sunroof system option with improved canvas handling. Leveraging SureShade’s patented cambered roller technology, SureShade OnTrack provides OEMs with a better canvas sunroof solution using a market-proven canvas extension and retraction design.

sureshade ontrack extendedOnTrack Extended:

  • Locks in place at full extension
  • Ability to camber the crossbars and roller to match boat curves
  • Better rain runoff and lower profile in arch hardtops compared to straight systems

ontrack retractedOnTrack Retracted:

  • Ball bearing track system allows for easy track glide to retract or extend canvas sunroof
  • Cambered roller provides more compact canvas storage without bunching
  • Tensioned roller helps to retract the system

Video Demo

SureShade inventor and co-founder Ron Russikoff provides a quick demo showing how the OnTrack Sliding Canvas Sunroof system works.


SureShade OnTrack Sliding Canvas Sunroof is available now for factory installations.

To inquire about adding SureShade OnTrack to boat models – for either new boat model designs or retrofitted an existing boat model in production – send us a boat builder inquiry.