SureShade innovation

As boat builders unveiled their impressive new model year lineups at the 2019 Miami Boat Show – packed with the latest innovative features and advancements in boat design – one couldn’t help but notice a dominating number of boat models equipped with telescoping sunshade systems.

Manufactured by U.S. based SureShade, these telescoping sunshade systems have become the industry standard for seamlessly adding more sun protection on boats.

2009 Miami Boat Show

SureShade’s first boat debut at 2009 Miami Boat Show

SureShade’s patented ATF automated boat shade system first debuted 10 years ago at the 2009 Miami Boat Show on Boston Whaler’s 370 Outrage as an innovative game-changer in sunshade design. Featuring telescoping, self-supported framework to electrically extend and retract canvas, SureShade’s new product established a new category segment that quickly became a must-have marine accessory.

Today, over 150 boat models carry SureShade as a factory option or standard feature, and installations span thousands of boats worldwide for both factory and aftermarket. In the 10 years since initial product launch, SureShade has transformed how the industry integrates sunshade into new and existing boat designs and continues to lead in innovation.

Extending innovation

While some marine suppliers may opt to simply adapt a product for marine use, SureShade set out to invent a new design that is specifically built for the outdoor marine environment.

The advantages start with the core design: SureShade’s unique U-shape framework configuration ensures the shade’s weight is evenly distributed throughout the hardtop structure for balanced weight distribution that ensures the boat’s center of gravity and performance are not affected by the weight of the shade.

SureShade extends canvas using a patented telescoping framework design, a patented roller system and sturdy cross members designed specifically for a marine environment. Mid cross-bar support and cambered roller eliminate canvas sag and the framework is tested to withstand winds up to 50 MPH.

These unique and innovative features are used in every shade product introduced by SureShade over the last 10 years – from their flagship ATF automated shade to their newest MTX and RTX pull-out shade products.

SureShade’s latest innovation has added “Silent Glide” proprietary technology to the popular ATF automated shade (now ATF-SG) that allows it to operate with 85% less noise and 80% less power consumption. SureShade ATF-SG significantly reduces the power burden on a boat and now utilizes a new SurePower Controller that intelligently controls shade operation and manages rapid voltage fluctuations that may occur due to the power intensive accessories today’s high-tech boat designs demand.

ATF-SG has replaced SureShade’s legacy ATF shade and is now available to all OEMs at the factory or as a refit upgrade for existing clients.

Market-proven shades

Widely considered an industry leader, SureShade’s rapid growth over the last 10 years is a testament to their clear design advantages for OEM and aftermarket over alternative “scissor” or “shade on a stick” systems now trying to enter the marine market.

From an OEM integration standpoint, SureShade’s ability to conform to boat curvature allows for flexible boat design, factory/aftermarket installations and enhanced aesthetics that make the shade a natural extension of the boat. Cambered cross members, including roller, can be integrated in lower cavity space for better integration, rather than accommodating the full “scissor shade” units at the end of a hardtop.

SureShade’s new MTX pull-out boat shade and RTX pull-out boat shade now provide permanent shade solutions for smaller boats with a tower, T-Top or arch and eliminating cumbersome & temporary “shade on a stick” canopies.

SureShade’s expertise in sunshade solutions, commitment to innovation, strong co-marketing support and unprecedented level of service continue to make SureShade the right partner for boat builders worldwide.

as seen in March 2019 issue of Soundings TradeOnly