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SureShade’s self-supported telescoping boat shade systems eliminate the need for a saggy “shade on a stick” temporary boat canopy

As seen in Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine Jan/Feb 2019 issue

Many new boat designs offer ample seating for boaters to lounge, relax and enjoy time on the water, but unfortunately a real shade solution for sun protection beyond the helm is still a design afterthought. The result is what we call a “shade on a stick” – a pole-mounted canopy-like shade draped over the bow or cockpit that is as aesthetically unappealing as it is burdensome for a boater.

A “shade on a stick” gives boats the saggy canvas look of a temporary add-on canopy – lowering the overall aesthetics of an otherwise great boat design. When boaters need shade they are inconvenienced with the unwelcomed chore of set-up for each use, wrestling canvas and poles under the hot sun. And after set-up is done there are extra support pole sticks that disrupt their view. Not so relaxing.

What may seem like a quick fix solution for shade on your boat may not be worth the ongoing hassle when it comes to functionality and usability.

SureShade, the U.S. manufacturer of retractable boat shade systems, helps eliminate the cumbersome pole-supported “shade on a stick” canopy shades by providing a more permanent, seamless solution for aft or bow shade.

SureShade RTX-Scout 215-AFT

SureShade pull-out shades MTX-2 (bow) and RTX (aft)

Featuring marine-grade components, SureShade’s self-supported, telescoping framework becomes a seamless extension of a boat’s hardtop, arch, tower or T-top. Boaters can install SureShade’s new pull-out boat shades on smaller boats, or opt for their ATF automated shade – now available with SG silent glide technology for 85% less noise & 80% less power consumption.

Their newest stainless steel MTX pull-out boat shade extends 6-9 ft. and is ideal as forward and/or aft shade for center console and dual console boats. An anodized aluminum model, RTX pull-out boat shade, extends 4.5FT and is ideal for boats under 27 feet.

Boaters can easily eliminate that “shade on a stick” look by choosing SureShade as a factory option on nearly 150 different new boat models, or upgrade an existing boat with available aftermarket and DIY install options.

great lake scuttlebutt featureThis article originally appeared in the January/February 2019 issue of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine alongside SureShade’s 2019 display ad.

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