World Cat 266

SureShade MTF manual shade aftermarket installation on World Cat 266 adds improved sun protection for Florida fishing and cruising

Florida boaters have the pleasure of spending many hours on the water, soaking up the sun year round. But for many, being limited to just the shade from a T-top is not nearly enough sun protection. 

Cruising and fishing is much more enjoyable if you can do it comfortably under the shade. Fishing boats in particular need a flexible shade solution that gives them access to rod holders and doesn’t have inhibiting support poles that get in the way.

World Cat 266 with Retractable Boat Shade 

We’re thrilled to help equip On Top of the World, a 2000 World Cat 266, with a MTF manual boat shade that extends shade beyond the T-Top. The MTF shade is a telescoping boat shade that extends and retracts canvas with the use of a simple hand lever. There is no electrical wiring required so it can easily be installed in a few hours.

We asked the owners of On Top of the World, Lauren & John, to share their thoughts on their new SureShade system.

World Cat 266

How do you like to spend time on your boat, and why did you need a SureShade?

As Sarasota, FL boaters, we love using our boat for fishing, camping and leisure boating… but it is too sunny for just a T-Top!

Getting the SureShade MTF manual boat shade was a necessary upgrade that was easily installed aftermarket by a local installer.

World Cat 266


World Cat 266What made you choose the SureShade system for your boat?

We love the SureShade because it does not use poles that go into our rod holders and take up room. It is super sturdy and looks great! We love the design and the [Sunbrella] fabric used.

Design note: Unlike other temporary shade products, SureShade is a permanent sunshade addition to your boat that mounts to your hardtop, T-Top, Tower or Arch. SureShade doesn’t require the use of any other support poles that get in the way of using your boat. Our retractable shades also give boaters the flexibility to extend or retract shade when needed.

What has your experience been like so far with your SureShade?

It is so durable that we can ride with it out – even at 30 MPH. It looks sharp and its great to have more shade when we are out on the boat. We use our SureShade when we are cruising, fishing, weekend trips… everything!

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