Grady-White 251 CE with shade

Bow shade and aft cockpit shade adds full sun protection coverage for Grady-White 251 CE boat owners with two retractable RTX Pull-Out Boat Shades

Sometimes you find the perfect boat but it just needs a little something extra – times two. 

We first met the owners of this Grady-White 251 Coastal Explorer when we were making our rounds at the Miami Boat Show a few years ago. They reached out to us about a shade solution for the 251 CE they were getting ready to buy, knowing that we were already outfitting many other Grady-White boat models with our retractable boat shade systems.

The timing was perfect because we were just getting ready to launch our RTX Pull-Out Boat Shade product that would become the ideal solution for their upcoming boat purchase. The RTX pull-out shade is designed for boats under 27 feet and works with a simple pull-out/push-in mechanism. RTX was literally a great fit for the 251 CE.

Sun safety was a priority to these boat buyers, and knowing that there would be a marine-grade sunshade solution that could provide ample shade coverage for their new boat helped seal the deal. 

Two Boat Shades on Grady-White 251 CE

The new owners of this Grady-White 251 CE were one of our first clients to install the SureShade RTX Pull-Out Boat Shade… with not one, but TWO shades installed!

Grady-White 251 Coastal Express boat shades

The versatility of RTX allows it to be installed on nearly any overhead structure on a boat – even a T-Top like the one on the 251 Coastal Explorer. Using specialized mounting brackets, RTX is installed on the tubular framework of the T-Top. The shades can be installed in either direction – forward/bow, aft/cockpit or BOTH.

Grady-White 251CE

Using our patented telescoping framework, the RTX shade operates manually – simply pull it out for shade or push it back into place when not needed. RTX is a permanently mounted shade (so its a real upgrade to your boat) and there is a release / locking mechanism that keeps it extended or retracted. Aft shades can be extended while your boat is underway up to 50 mph.

Learn more about RTX Pull-Out Boat shade (including full specifications) or check out our full Grady-White boat model gallery.

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