DIY Boat Shades

Boston Whaler 320 Outrage Cuddy provides year round enjoyment for Colima, Mexico family in the sun or shade with SureShade manual
retractable sunshade 

With dozens of new boat models now offering SureShade as a factory install option many boaters have been inspired to opt for aftermarket shade upgrades on their boats.

That’s just what happened to a lifelong boater in Colima, Mexico when he saw the automated shade system on the Boston Whaler 370 Outrage.

The retractable shade system was such a perfect accessory to ensure comfortable sun protection for his family during the year round boating season in Mexico that Antonio Perezlete knew he had to get one for his 320 Outrage Cuddy.

We asked Antonio to share his story about the boat he loves and the time he spends with his family boating under the shade. 

SureShade: What type of boat do you have?

Antonio: We have a Boston Whaler 320 Outrage Cuddy that we named “Pachinni” since is the biggest boat I have ever owned and this is the same name my son & daughter call me. To spoil me, my family (including “Illy” our teacup girl schnauzer dog) all voted the boat to be named after me.

SureShade: And where do you boat with Pachinni?

Antonio: The boat is in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico in a Marina called “Las Hadas” near a condo I own. I live in Guadalajara which is 180 mi away from Manzanillo and when I boat I usually navigate to Costa Careyes, El Tamarindo, Tenacatita, Carrizalillos etc. It is a beautiful area called or better known as “Costa Alegre Jalisco”. 

SureShade: What do you love most about your boat?

Antonio: I just love the way it navigates in the ocean, the engine power it has, the fuel economy, (430 mi), the way it’s built with every detail well finished. No matter how rough the ocean is, it just dances with each wave, crossing them with softness and elegance as it moves from point to point. All the equipment and accessories that it has on board is a pleasure for any captain to command – navigating with such a beauty in your hands.

SureShade: Sounds like a great boat! What do you love most about where you boat?

Antonio: The water temperature is always perfect from 72°F (February to April) to 82°F during the year. The weather is just right all the time, every season. I can Scuba dive all year around. They are many places to anchor to enjoy the primitive surroundings of the area along with your wife or your family or with friends or even only with yourself.

SureShade: So, what made you choose the SureShade retractable shade option for your boat?

SureShade was the perfect addition for more cockpit shade.

SureShade: And what has your experience been like so far with the SureShade?

Antonio: I was looking for some shade for the back part of the boat, just like the Boston Whaler 370 Outrage has. When I visited a Boston Whaler dealer at Newport Beach, CA they showed me your product. I chose the SureShade MTF manual shade and it was just perfect. Very well finished, it looks like an original part of the boat (very well designed) and very simple to operate and maintain.

SureShade is very easy to operate and maintain

SureShade: How does your SureShade enhance your time on your boat?

Antonio: Well, so far I am completely happy and satisfied with your product. I can navigate with the shade open or closed. It seems quite strong to be open keeping a “SureShade” on board all the time while you are boating. I love my boat, the design, the colors and this shade goes perfect with it. It did not disrupt the beauty of the original design of the boat.

The SureShade can be open or closed… but is always present on the boat when shade is needed.

Antonio: Normally, the “Pachinni” is used for scuba dive and snorkeling with my family and friends. I love to anchor in nice primitive areas with nice views and enjoy the day. SureShade will always be present to make sure I always have a shade on board to enjoy the day, the company, the cocktails, the food and the amenities brought on each trip.

Thank you for manufacturing such a great simple and nice product, to enjoy great boating days!

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