Retractable sunshade installations provide shade for the whole family – covering both the bow and cockpit of the boat 

At SureShade, we believe that everyone should be able to get more shade on their boat – no matter their boat size, style or age.
SureShade’s manual shade products make it easy and affordable for do-it-yourself boaters to upgrade their shade with the same quality, patented telescoping sunshades builders are offering as a factory installation on new boat models.
Recently, Andy Siu, a San Francisco, CA boater, was able to upgrade his shade with not one, but TWO SureShade retractable shade systems on his Boston Whaler 210 Outrage. And he was able to easily install it by himself.

Andy’s Shady Story

A San Fransisco Bay boater, Andy enjoys spending time with his family fishing and taking in all the sights of the bay. 

“I love taking the family out on the bay to fish and watch the kids make their first catch. Going crabbing with the boat is also a lot of fun because everyone of all age catches something. San Fancisco Bay is a unique place to boat because of the Golden Gate, Alcatraz, and the Farallones. There’s plenty of wild life and the water is fairly clean.”

Andy’s 2003 Boston Whaler 210 Outrage (now offered as the 220 Outrage) featured a standard T-top that only gave the captain shade coverage at the helm, providing no shade for passengers in the cockpit or bow of the boat.
As a boater that loves to fish with his two young kids, too much sun had become a real problem.

“Before SureShade, the whole family got worn out by the UV light. Hats and temporary shade made from fabric and attached to a pole was OK… but was ugly and a pain to setup. You try getting that going in 3ft swells @ 9 seconds with a 5 year old and 7 year old going crazy!”

Andy opted to install TWO SureShade retractable sunshade systems to give his family shade in both the cockpit and the bow area of the boat. With SureShade’s step-by-step instructions and custom mounting brackets, the installation was easily completed as a DIY project. 
For the aft, Andy selected the SureShade MTF manual boat shade
Using just a few specialized clamps provided by SureShade, the MTF is mounted to the tubular framework of the T-Top. The MTF operates with a simple hand lever that retracts or extends the canvas using SureShade’s patented, self-supported telescoping framework.
210 outrage rtx 

For the bow, Andy chose SureShade’s new RTX pull-out shade. RTX is a lightweight and cost-effective shade solution that is ideal for smaller boats like Andy’s 210 Outrage. 

The RTX was also mounted to the T-Top (in the opposite direction of course) using SureShade’s specialized clamps. The RTX pull-out shade also uses SureShade’s patented telescoping framework, extending or retracting canvas with a pull-out or push-in mechanism. 

How has SureShade enhanced boating for Andy? Well, Andy says it best: 

SureShade solved our sun problem by providing coverage for the entire boat with ease. Setup was easy and quick, and nothing obstructs the fishing poles.

The shades are very easy to use, and I can even leave it out while underway. I don’t do it that often but if I’m relocating to a close-by fishing ground, I just leave it up. I’ve hit 30 knots without retracting the shades!

I mainly go fishing in my boat and the shades have allowed me to stay out on the water longer without getting tired. 

Love SureShade. Thank you for making this product a reality… and thanks for supporting DIYers and folks with older boats. 

I look forward to telling everyone I know that these shades are the best thing ever MADE!  You can’t own a boat without having sure shades!  

Thanks for the kind words Andy and happy shady boating!

More Boston Whaler Models

SureShade is currently offered on numerous Boston Whaler boat models as a factory installed option – including models in the Outrage, Conquest and Vantage series –  and our shades have been enjoyed by many, many Boston Whaler boaters as an aftermarket upgrade.  

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