bow shade

Forward bow boat shades provide added sun protection and comfort to bow seating areas of of boats like center consoles and bowriders 

The forward lounge of your boat is one of the best seats on board, but often the most unprotected from the sun. Can you imagine how much more comfortable your boat guests would be with more shade?

SureShade makes it easy to add more shade to your boat’s bow seating area with both manual and electric shade options. Available as a factory option for boat builders or an aftermarket upgrade for private boaters, bow shades are a great way to extend your comfort on board.

Bow boat shades can be installed on nearly any boat with an overhead structure:

  • Hardtop
  • T-Top
  • Tower
  • Arch

The type of SureShade system installed will depend on the boat size and style, but any of our patented retractable sunshade products can be used as a bow shade.

While our shade systems can be extended aft while underway up to 50 mph we do not recommend cruising faster than no wake zone speed with a forward bow shade extended. Bow boat shades are best for relaxing out on the hook under the shade or coming into port.

Dual Boat Shades

Many boaters are opting to install both an aft cockpit shade AND a forward bow shade for optimal shade comfort and flexibility.

With dual boat shades, there are many options for which types of SureShade system to use aft or forward. Builders and boaters could opt for 2 manual shades, 2 electric shades or any combination of our manual and automated shade systems.

Here are some examples of dual shade installations:

Dual shades

Boston Whaler 280 Outrage – SureShade ATF Automated Boat Shade aft/cockpit with SureShade M3 Automated Mega Boat Shade forward/bow

dual shades under

Grady-White 251CE

Grady-White 251 CESureShade RTX Pull-Out Automated Boat Shade installed both aft/cockpit and forward/bow

Grady-White 251 CE with shade

Boston Whaler 270 dual shades

Boston Whaler 270 VantageSureShade MTF Manual Boat Shade installed both aft/cockpit and forward/bow

Grady White 306 Express

Grady-White 306 ExpressSureShade ATF Automated Boat Shade installed both aft/cockpit and forward/bow

Add Bow Shade to Boats

Ready to add shade to the bow of your boat in the factory or as an aftermarket upgrade?
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