grady-white 251 CE

SureShade’s boat shades are a permanent upgrade for your boat and your comfort – Get the same factory-quality shade used by top builders installed on your boat 

Most boaters agree that shade and sun protection is important, yet many boats still don’t have enough shade coverage. Adding more shade is not only a great investment in your boat, but it can make a big difference in your overall comfort and boating experience.

There are a few options for added shade on your boat. You can buy a temporary add-on shade that you have to reinstall/set-up every time you need it, or you can invest in something more permanent that only requires a one-time installation without the hassle of setup every time you take the boat out.

SureShade, the makers of patented retractable boat shades, has developed both automated and manual systems that extend shade from any overhead structure – like a T-Top, hardtop, arch or tower. Their shade systems get installed once as a permanent addition (for cockpit, bow or both), becoming a true investment in your boat.

Grady-White 251 CE with shade

Grady-White 251 Coastal Explorer featuring two SureShade RTX pull-out boat shades – installed aftermarket on the bow and aft. Learn more about this aftermarket install

For the handy boater on a budget, SureShade’s manual shade systems can easily be installed as a DIY project. Their boat shade kits come complete with a shade system sized for your boat, Sunbrella canvas, specialized mounting brackets and full installation support.

Best of all, SureShade is not a flimsy add-on product that is limited in use – extend your shade while anchored out or even underway up to 50 MPH. There’s no messing around with support poles – simply electrically extend shade (automated) or pull-out/push-in shade in seconds (manual).

Top boat brands use SureShade exclusively on over 125 new boat models – but even if you are not in the market for a new boat you can still get the same factory-quality boat shade with an aftermarket installation. SureShade electric or pull-out boat shades are a permanent upgrade that adds value to your boat and your boating experience.

Learn more about SureShade’s full line of boat shade products.

boat deserves the bestYour Boat Deserves the Best – by Diane Seltzer, Marketing Director at SureShade

This article originally appeared in the May/June issue of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

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