Maintenance Care

SureShade recommends following basic care and maintenance of SureShade shade components to maintain peak performance and prolong the life of your sunshade system.


Regular Cleaning

We recommended using the cleaning product Never Dull Wadding Polish for cleaning SureShade system components. Petroleum based cleaners and abrasive metal cleaners should not be used.

To clean and polish, extend the shade fully and wipe down all components using the Never Dull Wadding. Then, use a rag to wipe off excess and polish the tubes.

Schedule of cleaning should be no less than every other month and perhaps more so in areas of salt water and higher than average temperatures. (i.e. Southwest Florida or Caribbean).

Additional Maintenance Care

Actuator Collars

It may be necessary as preventative maintenance to replace the Black Collar/Seals on the actuators every few years to prevent excessive friction while actuators are traveling. Cleaning on the recommended schedule may prolong this period but it will be necessary to allow continued peak performance.


Sumbrella canvas should be cleaned per manufacturer’s recommendations. For the full Sunbrella recommendations, download the Sunbrella Marine Care and Cleaning Guide.

Be sure to also review our Canvas Care recommendations and special MTF manual shade care & maintenance.

Additional Important Care Guidance:

  • SureShade does not recommend removing canvas from the SureShade roller system as it may be difficult to properly re-install or it could damage the rollers.
  • Under no circumstances should the canvas supplied with any SureShade system ever be placed in a washing machine.


More Customer Care & Maintenance Resources

Reference the below customer care and maintenance guides to ensure the longevity of your SureShade sunshade system.


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