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Electrically Powered Fold-out Boat Shade System

SureShade AMS Automated Boat Shade is an electric power-driven retractable boat shade system that automatically extends or retracts canvas with a fold-out arm system.

AMS offers a more compact alternative to our flagship ATF telescoping shade, ideal for builders requiring a smaller footprint for hardtop integration.

With surface-mount or fully-integrated install options, SureShade AMS is ideal for boats over 30 feet.

Available for OEM/Boat Builders only.

Key Features

How to Buy

Boat Builders 

Builders: Add a factory-installed AMS automated shade option or feature to your boat line as part of a new boat design or retrofit.


How it Works

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Automated Fold-Out Shade 

SureShade AMS Automated Shade is a fully automated, electric powered fold-out boat shade solution for boats over 30 feet that require a smaller footprint on the hardtop than our flagship ATF telescoping shade system.

SureShade AMS Automated Shade features a fold-out arm mechanism powered by an ultra-quiet motor that runs effortlessly for quick extension or retraction of shade.

The rigid, spring-loaded, lateral arms provide provides constant tensioning to the fabric in any extended position of the shade. The AMS shade also has a tubular motor inside the fabric roller tube, which is sealed to mitigate water intrusion.

Designed for the marine environment, this electric power-driven shade system can be installed on any boat or yacht with sufficient overhead structure (such as a hardtop, arch or bridge).

Builder Integrations

Working with our CAD engineering team, boat builders can add SureShade AMS Automated Shade to the hardtop of new boat designs with a shade extension length that is approximately 80% of the width of the shade (58” to 100” wide). For very large extensions, optional quick attached stanchions are available.

Built as a low profile unit, AMS is able to fit into a smaller footprint on a hardtop. The AMS shade can be mounted to the roof structure from above, below or directly to the vertical face of the structure.

An add-on rear fabric shade panel is designed to attach to the transom of any boat, offering complete shade on the aft section of the vessel. To customize the look further, our patented canvas attachment system allows the boat builder to choose from a variety of marine fabric colors.

ams shade integration

Key Technical Features

  • Electric power-driven retractable shade
  • Self-supported stainless steel framework
  • Ideal for boats over 30 feet in length(9 m) with an overhead structure
  • Boat Builder integrated shade system only (requires CAD)

Additional Specifications

Shade Extension Length: Approximately 80% of width
Overall Width: 5 inches per side wider than the shade centerline width.
Overall Length: Approximately 80% of width
Max Centerline Width: 100 inches (MIN. centerline = 58”)

Framework Material:
Stainless Steel (316SS)
Valance (aft crossbar) Material: Can be Stainless Steel or Aluminum

Controller Voltage: 12 v 
Controller Amperage: Nominal 3 Amps
Approximate Weight: 95 to 140 lbs depending upon width
Installation Time: 1 hour for patterned insert

serge ferrai fabricOur AMS sunshade systems feature marine-grade Serge Ferrai Soltis marine fabrics for optimal durability in a marine environment.

Soltis fabrics are built to last, providing excellent UV, water, mold, and fading resistance, so they look as beautiful in future years as they do today.

SureShade Product Warranty

SureShade provides the following Limited Warranty of its electric and manual sunshade systems.

SureShade warrants that the shade framework will be free from material defects and workmanship and will repair or replace, at its sole discretion, any inoperable components that are reported within 3 years from the date of shade sale to original purchaser – boat builder, dealer or private boat owner.

SureShade will also replace, at its sole discretion, the canvas component of the shade system (electric or manual) when reported defective within one year from the date of canvas manufacture as indicated on the white manufacturer tag attached to the canvas (tag must remain attached for warranty purposes).

Read our full warranty statement

SureShade ATF: Frequently Asked Questions

Our AMS automated sunshade system is ideal for boats over 30 feet with a hardtop overhead structure. Our engineering and design team works with boat manufacturers and dealers on placement designs that complement the overall aesthetics of a boat.

SureShade AMS can be fully integrated within a boat’s fiberglass hardtop. SureShade will work with OEMs on the best placement of the shade based on the boat design. Clients have the final say as to how they want our shade to be mounted to their boat.

While both the ATF and AMS shade systems operate automatically, the footprint of the AMS shade is more compact for builders that want to add a shade to the end of a hardtop. The ATF Automated shade features telescoping actuators that can be integrated into a hardtop or surface mounted.

Other specifications also differ – including the width, length, motors and canvas options. Please contact your sales representative for assistance in determining the right shade product for your boat project.

AMS operates with an ultra-quiet motor for effortless extension and retraction.

The SureShade AMS automated shade system is only available to boat builders as a factory-installed product.

Featured AMS Installs

Video Demos

SureShade AMS Automated Shade featured on Cobalt A29

SureShade AMS Automated Shade featured on Sea Fox 368 Commander

How to Buy

Boat Builders

Builders: Add a factory-installed AMS automated shade option or feature to your boat line as part of a new boat design or retrofit.


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