Boat Shade Design

SureShade builds marine-grade boat shade systems that check all the right boxes for today’s top boat designs

Chosen by top builders with thousands of installations worldwide, SureShade remains committed to delivering market-proven boat shade systems that excel in both functionality and aesthetics for an improved boating experience.

From balanced weight distribution and cambered components that conform to boat curves, to our silent glide operation now offered on ALL our electric shade systems, SureShade delivers unmatched design.

Boat Shade Design Advantages

check boxSilent Operation
All SureShade ATF and M3 automated shade systems now feature our “silent glide” technology for silent operation when extending or retracting.

check boxSurePower Intelligent Controller
Taking shade control to a new level, our new SurePower Controller intelligently powers shades by ensuring consistent voltage during shade operation, even in low or rapid-fluctuating voltage scenarios.

check boxDC Power Operation
SureShade electric shades operate on DC power, with options to operate shade system with our included remote or with OEM digital controls.

check boxBalanced Weight Distribution
SureShade’s unique U-shape framework configuration ensures the shade’s weight is evenly distributed throughout the hardtop structure for balanced weight distribution that ensures the boat’s center of gravity and performance are not affected by the weight of the shade.

check boxCustom Fit Width
Understanding that one size does not fit all, SureShade builds every shade for each boat model’s unique specifications – including widths down to ¼” and a variety of extension lengths that are not dictated by the width, resulting in flexible shade design where its length and width are completely independent of each other.

check boxOptimal Conformity to Boat Curves
SureShade’s ability to conform to boat curvature allows for flexible boat design that makes the shade a natural extension of the boat. Cambered cross members, including roller, can be integrated in lower cavity space for better integration. SureShade’s universal cover plate brackets allows use of a factory fiberglass end cap to match boat curves without a boxed-in look.

check boxShade Underway
Our cross-bar support and anti-billow loops in the canvas eliminate canvas sag and billowing when the boat is underway with the aft shade extended.

SureShade’s expertise in sunshade solutions, commitment to innovation, strong co-marketing support and unprecedented level of service continue to make SureShade the right partner for boat builders worldwide.