scout 380 bow shade

SureShade’s new Scout 380 LXF demo boat with bow shade, Shady Lady II, features our largest M3 boat shade ever on the bow

aftermarket shade installs

Shady Lady I

Our first demo boat, Shady Lady I, was ground-breaking with our iconic dual orange boat shades. A Boston Whaler 280 Outrage, Shady Lady I was the first boat to feature 2 aftermarket installs of our automated shades with our ATF automated boat shade aft and our M3 automated mega boat shade on the bow.

Well, we’ve stepped it up in size – both boat AND shade size!

Equipped to showcase the latest from SureShade, our new Shady Lady II demo boat is a 2019 Scout 380 LXF equipped with a factory-installed aft ATF automated shade and a jaw-dropping 12 foot M3 automated shade on the bow!!

scout 380 lxf

The Scout 380 LXF bow shade is an aftermarket install of our M3 Automated Mega Boat Shade with a new extension length of 12 feet – previously only available in a 10 foot extension length.

The aftermarket install of our M3 shade works just like our ATF electric shade – silently extending canvas with the touch of a button. The generous 12 foot extension length offers full shade coverage on the bow so you can enjoy the lounging area in shady comfort.

The Scout 380 LXF also features a factory installed SureShade ATF Automated Boat Shade that is fully integrated in the hardtop. Look for more pictures of this dual shaded boat soon!

See more of the Scout 380 LXF bow shade!

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