SureShade MTX

SureShade MTX offers builders and boaters a new manual pull-out shade system that leverages the telescoping framework, stainless steel construction, cambered roller design & functionality of SureShade’s flagship ATF Automated Boat Shade at half the cost

MTX is a stainless steel, self-supported manual pull-out shade that has the look and feel of the SureShade ATF electric shade, but manual in operation. Available in 6FT and 9FT extension lengths, MTX is the ideal shade solution to meet both the popular and increasing demand for bow shade as well as the continued demand for obstruction and hassle-free shade aft deck.

Intended for center and dual console boats up to 45FT, MTX cross-components can be cambered like the ATF electric shade, making it a more suitable manual shade alternative for hardtops that have more curvature. The stainless steel construction makes it more aesthetically appealing for boat builders looking to integrate a manual pull-out shade on new boat models.

MTX Shade

MTX can be extended or retracted within seconds. The stainless steel construction results in smoother system operation as the user simply pulls out and locks into place for full shade coverage, or uses a simple release lever to retract.

SureShade MTX Shade is the next generation manual pull-out boat shade that offers additional flexibility in length, form and function. Builders and boaters will enjoy the aesthetic benefits of a stainless electric shade at the attractive price point of a manual shade.

SureShade MTX Manual Pull-Out Shade – Product Introduction Video

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A prototype demo of the new MTX boat shade product was introduced to the marine industry during the 2017 IBEX show along with the new ATF-SG boat shade and SS Solar Shade. Products will be available for builders to order immediately after IBEX, and SureShade anticipates these new product debuts to generate considerable demand from OEMs, dealers and boaters.