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Membership Establishes New Category with NSBC Devoted to Sun Safety for Recreational Boaters

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – May 19, 2014 – SureShade, the designer and manufacturer of retractable sunshade systems for the marine industry, announces that they have signed on as a member of the National Safe Boating Council as the first company to join with a dedication to raising awareness in the category of sun safety.

With the average boater spending 5.7 hours on the water per outing, as reported in a 2012 U.S. Coast Guard survey report, ensuring sun safety is vital to the health of boaters. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, seeking shade is one important way to protect against sunburn that can lead to skin cancer, in addition to the use of sunscreen and protective clothing. Sun protection is particularly important around water and boats that can reflect the sun and intensify effects of UV rays.

Since the invention of their marine retractable sunshade system, SureShade has been a vocal advocate for the importance of sun safety and its contribution to safer recreational boating. By providing boat manufacturers and private boat owners with the ability to add shade where once not possible, combined with the use of UPF 50+ Sunbrella® fabrics, the SureShade sunshade system can significantly improve sun protection in an open cockpit, bridge or forward bow of a boat.

“As strong supporters of sun safety on boats, we are proud to join National Safe Boating Council to help bring awareness to this important aspect of boat safety,” said Dana Russikoff, business leader and co-founder at SureShade. “The growing demand for our shades is a testament to the changing views of sun safety in boating as the industry and boaters recognize how improved sun protection is critical to their safety and enjoyment on the water.”

In support of the membership, SureShade and National Safe Boating Council will seek out opportunities to jointly promote sun safety as part of a broader message of boat safety. SureShade joins over 330 U.S. and international organization members of National Safe Boating Council with an interest in boating safety and education.

“SureShade joins NSBC as the first member company devoted to sun safety on boats,” said Rachel Johnson, executive director at National Safe Boating Council. “Their commitment to aiding in the awareness of the often overlooked issue of sun safety will help extend our mission of advancing and promoting a safer recreational boating experience.”

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