MTX top product award

SureShade’s new stainless steel MTX Pull-Out Boat Shade system selected as a 2019 Top Product by Boating Industry Magazine 

Each year, Boating Industry magazine editors select 50 of the marine industry’s best new and innovative products for their impact on the industry, innovations and how it advances its product category – or creates a new segment entirely.

SureShade was honored to have our new MTX Pull-Out Boat Shade system selected as a Top Product for 2019, recognized by Boating Industry as one of the most innovative boating products introduced over the last year.

(SureShade’s smaller, anodized aluminum RTX Pull-Out Boat Shade was also named a Top Product for 2016.)

MTX Pull-Out Boat Shade is a new stainless steel, self-supported pull-out manual shade that is ideal as forward and/or aft shade for center console and dual console boats. MTX has the same look & feel as SureShade’s flagship ATF automated shade – with stainless steel framework and ability to camber components – but operates manually with a simple pull-out mechanism.

MTX Aftermarket Install – Bow

MTX OEM Install – Aft

Intended for center and dual console boats up to 45FT, MTX cross-components can be cambered like the ATF electric shade, making it a more suitable manual shade alternative for hardtops that have more curvature. The stainless steel construction makes it more aesthetically appealing for boat builders looking to integrate a manual pull-out shade on new boat models.

MTX is the ideal shade solution to meet both the popular and increasing demand for bow shade as well as the continued demand for obstruction and hassle-free shade aft deck. The self-supported, telescoping framework becomes a seamless extension of a boat’s hardtop, arch, tower or T-top.

With the introduction of MTX, SureShade offers a more permanent solution to the cumbersome pole-supported canopy shades often used on a bow. The MTX shade is offered in 6FT (MTX-2) and 9FT (MTX-3) extension lengths, making it versatile as a self-supported aft or larger bow shade. Once installed – either as OEM factory option or aftermarket – boaters simply pull-out for shade in seconds.

MTX is available now for factory or aftermarket installations. 


mtx2 mtx3

SureShade Featured on 2019 Top Products

Several other boat manufacturers with models equipped with SureShade boat shade systems as a factory option or standard feature were also recognized as a 2019 Top Product by Boating Industry.

Winning boat models equipped with SureShade include: 

Chaparral 300 OSX

Grady-White Canyon 456

Scout 530 LXF

Sea Ray SLX-R 350 Outboard

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