Grady White Freedom 335

Designed with patented technology and constructed with marine-grade materials, SureShade retractable sunshades are built to withstand a harsh boating environment

Boaters know that anything they put on their boat must be marine grade and built to withstand a variety of conditions on the water. Strong sunny rays, salty water, rough wakes, high winds and seasonal rain are some of the many harsh elements boats must face in a marine environment.

A good canvas system is one of the best ways to protect boaters from the elements. While functionality is important, boaters are looking for quality that is built to last.

That’s why SureShade has spent years perfecting and patenting designs that are both innovative and built to endure a marine environment.

Boat Sunshades Built with Marine-Grade Materials

We pride ourselves in designing a beautiful product that is built for long-lasting performance on the water. 

All SureShade systems are constructed with marine-grade materials that are built for optimal performance in a marine environment.

Marine-grade materials used in SureShade sunshade systems include:

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel framework on the automated sunshade system
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum framework on the manual sunshade system
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel mounting components
  • Marine-grade canvas materials with a 50+ UPF rating (available in any color)
  • Low voltage electrical requirements operating on 12v or 24v

SureShade sunshades are also built for optimal performance in a marine environment. 

Special performance features include: 

  • Self-supporting retractable canvas driven by telescopic linear actuators to easily extend and retract shade
  • Durable construction with the ability to withstand speeds up to 55 MPH while the shade is fully extended
  • Software-based synchronization of canvas extension/retraction operating with a toggle switch and/or remote control (automated system)
  • Optional arched roller design to match curves of a boat and improve rain run-off

Designed with Patented Technology for Extraordinary Form and Function

To achieve the ultimate in styling and functionality, we knew our sunshade systems had to be innovative and stand out from the competition. So we invented several components that make our retractable sunshades unlike any other canvas system in the boating industry.

As a designer and inventor of marine sunshade systems, SureShade holds patents for several components and continues to develop innovative sunshade designs for nearly any boat style. Our patented technology is unlike any other in the marine industry… and simply cannot be matched.

Patented Tele-scoping Framework

    – Only SureShade has a patented telescoping framework technology that allows boat shade tops to extend and retract with no support poles to interfere with boating activities. It is this Tele-frame technology that makes SureShade robust and durable in harsh marine environments.

Patented Arched Roller Canvas Design – Designed to accommodate the unique curves of a boat, the arched roller component serves as part of the self-supported retractable sunshade system by SureShade. The curvature of the arched roller system complements the curves of a boat’s overhead structure – such as a radar arch or hardtop – enhancing boat aesthetics and acting as a natural extension of the boat design.

Check out our patented technology for more patent details and drawings that illustrate the innovative designs that are included in every SureShade sunshade system. This dedication to innovative design and quality, marine-grade materials ensures that an investment in a SureShade sunshade system will be a long-lasting investment in an improved boating experience.