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From retractable canvas for sunbathing or shade to using the latest marine technology features, women boaters seek comfortable and convenient boating options

 While boating is traditionally dominated by men, more and more women are actively sharing in the enjoyment of recreational boating – or even at the helm themselves.
Today’s boat builders are realizing that they must cater to both men and women boaters. From cabin cruisers to center consoles, boat designs must balance performance and technology with comfort and convenience to accommodate features and options that appeal to both men and women.

Designs and Features that Appeal to Women Boaters

According to a 2008 boating poll, only 31% of women find that the sport of boating, in general, is friendly toward both men and women. In fact, 64% of women survey respondents feel that boating is much more friendly or somewhat more friendly toward men.
Although the sport of boating is continuing to evolve, it is clear that the industry still has some work to do when it comes to winning over women. And women are a valuable segment of the market that boat builders and dealers should not ignore. As influencers and joint decision makers, women are actively involved in many new or used boat purchase decisions.
While women certainly want the latest marine technology and performance features, boat designs should also strive to include comfort and convenience options that appeal to women boaters.

Retractable Canvas for Women Boaters

In that same 2008 boating poll, 87% of women say they boat to relax and 56% say that their favorite place on board a boat is the foredeck or sundeck. But even the most serious sunbathers need a break from the sun to truly relax on a boat.
A retractable sunshade system from SureShade meets the challenge of adding comfort and performance, while enhancing the boating lifestyle for women.

By extending canvas from a hardtop, bridge or radar arch of a boat, women can relax comfortably in the shade when they need a break from the sun. Extended marine canvas keeps you cooler while protecting you from harsh rays of the sun. And when women are boating while pregnant or watching young children, sun protection is even more important.

A manual or automated sunshade system makes it easy for men or women to conveniently extend or retract shade. Telescoping technology eliminates the need for tedious handling of canvas – giving you more time to enjoy relaxing on the boat.

While many women do enjoy spending time sunbathing on a sundeck or in an open cockpit area of a boat, a retractable sunshade system (as opposed to a fixed canvas system or no canvas at all) gives you the ability to choose when you want sun or shade.

Over 20 different boat brands are already featuring retractable sunshade systems that enhance boating comfort and convenience. Available on a variety of boat types and styles, a SureShade retractable canvas system is the latest marine technology option that is sure to please both men and women.