new canvas system

A review of canvas options for various boat types and why a retractable sunshade may be a better canvas solution for boaters who want high-tech comfort and convenience

When the sun is shining or the rain is pouring, one of the most important features on your boat becomes your canvas. Boat canvas protects you from the harsh marine elements and is essential for prolonging your enjoyment on the water. And there’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting new canvas on your boat.

These days there are new options when choosing a new canvas system that add more convenience and comfort on your boat. With the latest self-supported framework and retractable canvas options, choosing new canvas can be just as exciting as selecting the next high tech gadget accessory.

Better Canvas Solutions for a Variety of Boat Types

No matter what boat style you have – center console, pleasure cruiser or down east – there is a better canvas solution for boaters to discover.

With self-supported, telescoping framework canvas can easily be extended from a hardtop, bridge or radar arch to extend shade to previously unprotected areas of a boat.

Canvas Extending from Boat Hardtops

Boaters can get shade beyond the helm by installing a sunshade system on a hardtop with integrated or surface mount options.

Integrating Canvas Systems from a Boat Bridge

Whether fully integrated or surface-mounted, canvas systems can extend shade from a boat bridge for full coverage of an open cockpit.

Better Canvas Options from a Boat Radar Arch

Telescoping framework installed on boats with a radar arch offers a better canvas solution for shade without a fixed framework system with inhibitive poles.

Advantages of Retractable Sunshade Systems

Gone are the days when the only way to provide protection from the elements on your boat meant installing support poles around the sides and back of your boat or – even worse – some flimsy temporary add-on shade solution.

A retractable sunshade system is a better canvas option for boaters because it gives boaters a choice – to catch some sun rays or seek sun protection. Automated boat shade systems conveniently extend or retract canvas at the touch of a button, while manual boat shade systems offer a lower cost option to operate canvas with a simple hand lever.

Choosing a retractable sunshade system with telescoping framework not only looks better, but it is also a smarter investment for your boat. A quality, high-tech canvas system that adds convenience and comfort on your boat? Now that’s a good choice!

Ready to Get Shady?

Get started today by contacting your boat dealer for a SureShade canvas installation, or send us an inquiry and we’ll help you identify the best canvas solution for your boat.