sea ray 410 sundancer

Upgrade your boat canvas with new marine sunshade options that add more shade and convenience with design features that add value to your boat and boating experience

Every boater knows that canvas can take a beating in a harsh marine environment. You can try to extend the life of your boat canvas by replacing zippers or re-stitching seams, but eventually you’ll need to replace your entire boat canvas.

Nowadays, there are more options when it comes to boat canvas replacement. Needing new canvas is an opportunity to improve more than just the canvas pieces – you can completely reconfigure your canvas system to maximize your shade footprint and make using canvas on your boat more convenient. And by upgrading your canvas system components and design, you can actually add value to your boat – making it a much better investment than just basic boat canvas replacement.

Updating Boat Canvas to a Marine Sunshade System

Many boaters simply replace boat canvas pieces and keep reusing their existing framework. Often the existing framework uses fixed poles that are unattractive and really inhibit freedom of movement on a boat. Worse yet, the cockpits are not even adequately covered with shade. Boaters typically spend thousands of dollars on boat canvas replacement that doesn’t add much more value to their boat or boating experience.

Consider your next boat canvas replacement an opportunity to upgrade to a marine sunshade system – rather than just basic boat canvas. A marine sunshade system can expand your shade footprint, provide more choice with shade and make using your canvas more convenient on a boat.

SureShade is proud to be the only marine sunshade system on the market that offers quality marine-grade components, designs that complement boat curves and tele-scoping framework technology to automate canvas use. We invented our marine sunshade system so that boaters could have better options for boat canvas protection.

Key features of our marine sunshade systems include:

Retractable Boat Canvas. Our patented tele-scoping technology enables canvas to be easily extended or retracted for shade choice.

Self-Supported Framework. SureShade’s innovative framework requires no support poles in the cockpit to get in the way, maximizing freedom of movement on a boat.

Automated or Manual Operation. We have two options that make canvas handling more convenient – an automated shade system that extends or retracts canvas at the touch of a button, or our manual shade system operated with a simple hand lever.

Marine-grade Components. Our systems are constructed with marine-grade components, built for long-lasting performance on the water.

Durable Construction. Marine sunshade systems are tested to withstand speeds of up to 55 MPH on the water.

Quality Canvas Materials. All of our systems use marine quality canvas offering UPF 50+ sun protection.

Design Flexibility. Shade options allow canvas extensions from a hardtop, radar arch or bridge with the ability to use full canvas enclosures.

SureShade has been installed on over 20 different boat brands and is currently available as a factory-install option with several manufacturers. Private boat owners can also purchase SureShade as an aftermarket installation.

Aftermarket Canvas Replacement Project Examples

Sea Ray 410 Sundancer


The typical canvas design of Sea Ray Sundancers includes only a small canvas brow – leaving the back half of the cockpit completely exposed to the sun and elements. The aft curtain was also very cumbersome to take on and off, and eliminated seating space in the back of the boat when the weather was bad. Installing a traditional full enclosure (camper canvas) would mean placing support poles around the back of the boat. SureShade was able to install an automated sunshade system that attached to the radar arch and gives owners full sun protection without inhibitive support poles. This installation also included a full enclosure so the owners could fully enjoy their cockpit rain or shine.

Grady White 300 Marlin


The 300 Marlin Express Cabin by Grady White provides great protection from the elements under the hardtop, but that’s where the shade coverage stops. A manual retractable sunshade system was easily installed on the hardtop to extend shade coverage to passengers and crew lounging in the cockpit area. And when they want to spend some time basking in the sun, the shade is quickly retracted with a simple hand lever for instant access to the rays.

So if you are ready for boat canvas replacement, take some time to explore upgrading to a marine sunshade system from SureShade.

Review our boat brand gallery or gallery by boat type to see more aftermarket installations to visualize how a marine sunshade system can enhance your boating experience.