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From sun safety to more cockpit comfort, there are many ways adding more shade on a boat can be a great gift for enhancing your boating lifestyle

Many boat designs do not allow for enough shade and often the cockpit – the place where you spend most of your time on a boat – is left the exposed to the sun.

If you have ever experienced boating without any shade at all – enduring long days in the harsh heat and sun – then you know having more shade is truly a gift for boaters.

And if you still need convincing… here is a round-up of reasons why more shade is really the perfect gift for you and your crew (including some fun and unusual reasons you may not have even thought of before!)

A Red Rudolph Nose is Only Funny at Christmas Time


Not only does a red nose from too much sun look bad, but it is just not safe to get sunburn. Too much fun in the sun on a boat can ruin your day… and your skin!

Having more boat shade is an important part of a sun safety routine while boating (along with sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and proper attire). It only takes 20 minutes of sun exposure to get sunburn if not properly protected.

SureShade is committed to safer boating by offering sunshade products that provide better shade coverage as part of a comprehensive sun protection plan for boaters.

Our sunshade systems utilize marine-grade canvas materials with a 50+ UPF rating – significantly cutting down on the amount of UV exposure you receive on a boat. Our systems also offer a variety of mounting options to offer shade for more areas of a boat.

Happy [Boat] Wife = Happy [Boat] Life

OK guys, you all know the saying… make your wife happy and your life will be happy. This is also true with boating… if you don’t make sure your wife is comfortable on the boat she will not be happy spending long hot days with you on the boat. Too much time under the hot sun without proper boat shade is a recipe for unhappiness. Yes, many women are die-hard boaters just like men, but most will agree that cruising and relaxing under the comfort of more boat shade is a much happier boating experience. If you are trying to convince your wife to love boating as much as you do, then shade is an important addition to your boat. Just ask Ron Russikoff, inventor and co-founder of SureShade, why he decided to invent a better shade solution (hint: his first mate can share their story too!)

Chillin’ in the Cockpit with Chilly Drinks

Boating is all about fun in the sun – but there is nothing fun about watered down or warm drinks. Ice up the beer in your cooler and keep your cocktails on ice longer by keeping them cool under the shade!

Added shade will take down the temperature a notch in your cockpit and help keep those cold drinks cold longer. Eliminating direct sunlight on your cooler in the cockpit will also help the ice last longer.  ‘Cause you are not really “chillin’ in the cockpit” unless your drink is really chillin’ too. Need we say more?

Reeling in a Prize Catch Can Work up a Sweat

If you are an angler then you no doubt spend a lot of time on-deck casting and reeling. All that fishing in the hot sun can really make you work up a sweat – especially when you are fighting a big catch. 

More shade is essential gear for anglers. You’ll stay cooler during heated encounters, and be more comfortable while waiting for a bite. And, best of all, with SureShade there are no poles to get in the way of reeling in that prize catch.

You can extend or retract shade faster with an automated or manual system, and even have easy access to rod holders. So take your time, put on your fighting belt and reel in that big one without working up too much of a sweat under the shade.

Eliminate the Hot, Cranky Kid Syndrome

Family time on the boat is a great thing. But too much sun can make kids downright cranky on a boat.

Kids get heat exhaustion when their bodies can’t cool themselves fast enough. A kid with heat exhaustion might feel overheated, tired, and weak. So in addition to sunscreen protection and keeping hydrated with plenty of water, you want to make sure that kids are sheltered by some shade.

More boat shade will help ensure your kids are more comfortable during long days on the water. And a happy kid is truly a gift for everyone on board!

Good Friends Linger Longer Under the Shade

You may want your boat to be a social hotspot for friends and crew… but you don’t LITERALLY want it to be a “hotspot”!

If you want your friends to stay longer (and enjoy themselves while on board) then providing adequate shade coverage is a nice friendly gesture.

Give the gift of more shade to you and your friends for a better entertaining experience in the cockpit.

Retractable Shade is Ideal for Stargazing

Sometimes less shade is just as much of a gift as more shade.

When you add more shade the ability to easily retract it when you want to is one feature you’ll want to have on your boat.

From watching the sun set over the water to gazing at stars from the back of your boat… nighttime on the water is a magical time. Having an easy way to retract canvas and open up the sky for full view lets you take in the evening sky and unwind with a drink. And with SureShade’s automated or manual shade systems, your stargazing session starts in less than 60 seconds.

Hairdo Protection from the Elements

In a recent review of the 45 Cantius by Cruisers it was noted that “Women concerned about their hairdo might also appreciate the added wind protection” with an optional retractable sunshade.

Of course we knew our sunshade system was great for sun safety and comfort, but never thought about the “hairdo factor”!

Turns out more shade is also great for added protection from the elements by ensuring less exposure to light rain and wind too.

(We also love that the review goes on to say that the shade is “obviously an option that any buyer should seriously consider.”)

Staying Cooler just Looks Cooler

Let’s face it… you want your boat to look good, but it doesn’t hurt for YOU to look good on your boat too!

When you are cool and comfortable you are going to look as good as your boat. The effortless operation of a retractable sunshade makes it a breeze to instantly extend or retract shade and maintain that cool factor.

A Shade with a Better ROI… that gives you Better R&R


Our SureShade sunshade systems are a great investment for your boat… and your boating lifestyle! Whether you are choosing our retractable shades a factory-install option (now available as a factory option on MANY boat models) or choosing to our shade as an aftermarket upgrade, a retractable shade system by SureShade adds more value to your boat.

Of course the biggest return on investment is the improvement it makes to the time you spend on your boat. More shade from SureShade is truly a gift for your overall comfort and convenience on-board.

After all, if it doesn’t have a SureShade it’s just another boat!