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SureShade® travels to the Caribbean island of Curacao to equip Silverton and Luhrs boats with automated sunshades

One of the tiny “ABC Islands” – Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao – the secluded island of Curacao is the Caribbean’s best-kept secret. Tiny in size, yet bustling with vibrancy and allure, this captivating island offers a unique escape where locals and tourists live in harmony with the island’s world-class diving and beaches.

It’s no wonder that this exclusive getaway island wanted to bring the SureShade automatic sunshade system to Curacao boaters.

SureShade first debuted in Curacao on an EdgeWater 318CC boat in 2009. Three more lucky boat owners are now experiencing the shady side of boating in Curacao with the recent installation of SureShade boat shade tops on a Luhrs boat and two Silverton boats.

Gert Rusch, president of President Yachts of the Caribbean, worked closely with SureShade to equip three late model Silverton and Luhrs boats with the latest in boat shade tops. In fact, Gert Rusch is the owner of one of the Silverton boats sporting the new SureShade top (a testament to his confidence in the product for his customers)!

President Yachts of the Caribbean, the World’s largest dealer in the Caribbean, is the exclusive dealer for Silverton, Ovation and Luhrs. President Yachts has made a name for itself by the many large luxury yachts that have been sold in the Antilles, Aruba, Venezuela and the Caribbean Islands.
The SureShade automatic sunshade system was installed in all three boats:




Both of the Silverton boats featured a fully integrated bridge installation of the SureShade sunshade system, while the Luhrs boat featured a side surface-mounted installation. In all three boats, the new automated sunshade system fully extends to shade the back cockpit previously exposed to the elements. At the touch of a button, the shade retracts and is barely visible on the boat.

SureShade’s first trip to Curacao was with the installation of an automated top for Mr. Marcel Kooyman of the distinguished Kooyman DIY Store (the “Home Depot” of the Caribbean). Mr. Kooyman was the first SureShade customer in Curacao with an integrated sunshade top installation on his EdgeWater 318CC.
Whether underway exploring Curacao’s world-class diving and fishing or sitting at the dock, the hot sun in Curacao just got a little less intense for these boat owners.
And word travels fast in Curacao. As a result of these recent installations, there will soon be three more boats with a SureShade system in Curacao – a 54 Offshore and another 41 Luhrs with the automated sunshade, and the new manual sunshade system on a SeaVee.
The answer to “Kon ta bai?” (how are you?) is: Nice and shady, thanks!
Look for SureShade in our next exotic locale… Trinidad!