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Center console boat owners now have the ability to enjoy shade in both the aft and forward bow by extending retractable canvas systems from a hardtop

The open deck design of center consoles provides ultimate maneuverability for anglers seeking their next big catch.  But with only a hardtop at the helm, the open deck layout provides minimal overhead coverage in the aft and forward cockpit areas. Passengers out on a cruising or fishing excursion are left exposed to the sun’s harsh rays.

An automated sunshade system on the Boston Whaler 370 Outrage is a great way to ensure shade and comfort in the aft cockpit, and is currently available as a factory-install option.  And now, passengers in the forward cockpit can be equally as comfortable with a forward cockpit shade!

Boston Whaler dealer Nautimar (located in Dominican Republic) recently installed the first aftermarket manual sunshade system in the forward cockpit area of the 370 Outrage – equipping their client with both aft and forward sunshade systems.

Boston Whaler 370 Outrage Canvas and Shade Solutions

370 OutrageThe innovative 370 Outrage center console boat by Boston Whaler was one of the first boat brands to offer an automated retractable sunshade system from SureShade. The sunshade is a very popular factory-install option gives boaters the option of having shade protection in the entire cockpit area of the boat.
Boat dealer Nautimar (a Boston Whaler dealer located in Dominican Republic) had a client that wanted to extend the shade even further on the 370 Outrage – 6 feet over the forward cockpit of the boat.
The manual sunshade system extends canvas over the lounging area of the forward cockpit (bow) giving your crew an additional area to comfortably relax on the 370 Outrage.
When shade is no longer needed, the canvas conveniently retracts back to the hardtop of the Boston Whaler 370 with use of a simple hand lever. 
With an automated retractable sunshade system providing shade protection for the aft cockpit AND a manual retractable sunshade system extending canvas and shade to the forward cockpit, center console boats like this 370 Outrage by Boston Whaler can have full sun protection… no matter where you are on the boat!
370 bow shade

“From selling the automated factory-install option on the 370 Outrage, to installing the first forward manual shade system on the 370 OR as a client request, the SureShade team has worked closely with our dealership to ensure we are completely satisfying our clients.” – Jose Luis Prida, Boston Whaler dealer Nautimar in Dominican Republic 

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