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SureShade’s sales & dealer development manager, Jason Roberts, joins The Boat Dealer Profits Podcast to share sales and marketing concepts for boat dealerships

We know that boat dealers are key in our success – that’s why we’ve been ramping up our sales and service team – particularly in the busy Florida boating market where we continue to “add more shade” to the Sunshine State.

boat dealer eventsA key person leading our sales efforts is Jason Roberts. As sales and dealer development manager for SureShade, Jason is responsible for cultivating and supporting dealer relationships across the state of Florida in order to grow our aftermarket presence. He also works directly with OEMs to help grow our list of factory-installed models.

Jason may still be considered somewhat new to the boating industry, but he has over 15 years of experience in many business segments including domestic and international sales, business development, management, and project management.

And as a “former outsider” to the marine industry, Jason brings a fresh perspective to sales efforts with boat dealers.

Boat Dealer Profits Podcast

Matt Sellhorst, host of The Boat Dealer Profits Podcast, asked Jason to share some of his thoughts on sales and marketing at boat dealerships, as well as how dealers can leverage options like our SureShade sunshade systems to bring value-add features to boaters while improving their bottom line.

Here are a few takeaways from Jason’s podcast interview on how boat dealers can ramp up their own marketing & sales efforts:

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Boat Shows

  • Demo the boat as much as possible to showcase all the features
  • Have boats hooked up to power to run electrically operated features like the SureShade automated boat shade
  • Make your booth or display stand out with unique displays that draw in buyers

In-store dealerships

  • Set up dealership lots to showcase boats
  • Merchandising boats as much as possible in your dealership lot

Staff Training

  • Product knowledge is key – make sure sales teams know products and features well, including how new boat technology works
  • Boat buyers are looking for information and many are new to the industry, so educating them about boats and boating in general is important

Customization & Options

  • Boat buyers want options – so be sure you are offering all of the options available on a boat
  • Give customers the ability to customize and choose from options to get the ideal boat for their lifestyle and comfort
  • Boaters are looking for one-stop shop capabilities – make sure your dealership is able to deliver with sales, service & installations

Social Media

  • Social media is a great way to reach a younger boating generation
  • Keeping active on social media raises awareness for your products and services
  • Be consistent with your message and brand

sun safe boatingThe topic of sun safety in boating was also discussed. Now more than ever sun protection is a critical concern for boaters, and SureShade is leading the industry by making it a priority.

Baseball Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt – a boater, skin cancer survivor and SureShade customer – is a supporter of the ongoing campaign Sun Safe Boating (led by SureShade) and has been a great advocate for improving sun safety on boats.

Jason also discusses how a company newsletter can be a great tool for communicating with customers. We are always growing and innovating – getting our monthly email newsletter is a great way to keep our customers up to date on the latest products and featured installations – from OEMs and dealers to private boat owners. 

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