Boston Whaler 270 Vantage

Mexico dealer Gulf Marine installs SureShade retractable sunshade system on brand new 270 Vantage for more shade in the cockpit 

The brand new 270 Vantage is a popular new model introduced by Boston Whaler in 2013, offering innovative features and styling for a variety of boating activities. Installing a retractable sunshade is the perfect way to extend your comfort for a long day of cruising, fishing or relaxing on board.

With four Boston Whaler boat models now offering SureShade as a factory-install option – the 370 and 350 Outrage models (with an automated shade option) and the 315 and 285 Conquest models (with a manual shade option) – many boaters are requesting a retractable sunshade system on other Boston Whaler models not yet carrying the factory shade option.

The aftermarket installation of retractable shades is an easy upgrade to ensure more fun in the sun… with the option to enjoy coverage in a shady cockpit.

Shade Installation on 270 Vantage


Boston Whaler dealer Gulf Marine recently installed a SureShade sunshade on the brand new 270 Vantage for a client that wanted the same retractable shade found on the 315 and 285 Conquest models.

The straight-forward installation process for the SureShade MTF manual shade makes it quite easy for a boat dealer’s service department to install it, or even as a DIY boat shade installation project by a private boat owner.

For every installation, SureShade provides the retractable shade system, canvas, specialized mounting components and full installation instructions for a quality installation. SureShade works with each manufacturer to determine the best placement – top or bottom mount – for optimal use and shade coverage on every boat model.


SureShade used engineering drawings provided by Boston Whaler’s factory to confirm optimal placement and width dimensions of the shade used on the 270 Vantage. The Gulf Marine service team assembled the shade components, measured for precise placement, installed brackets and then mounted the shade system.

270 Vantage with More Cockpit Shade


With the SureShade installation, Gulf Marine gave their boat client the ability to have more covered cockpit  space to fully enjoy a long day on the water… making the perfect addition to their 270 Vantage.

With the operation of a simple hand lever, boaters can easily extend or retract shade as needed. And because it is the same shade manufacturer and system as factory-install shades offered on other Boston Whaler models, the aftermarket installation adds value to the 270 Vantage both aesthetically and functionally.

See more photos of the 270 Vantage with shade as well as other Boston Whaler models with factory or aftermarket retractable shades.