510 sundancerHomecoming attendees get sneak peek at Sea Ray’s 2013 model-year boat line, including the all-new 510DA with Sea Ray’s first-ever SureShade factory-install option

Sea Ray boat owners, dealers and invited guests were treated to boat rides, demos, facility tours and more at Sea Ray’s first-ever Homecoming event at their worldwide headquarters in Knoxville, TN September 13 and 14.

And the first-ever homecoming event was the perfect time to showcase Sea Ray’s first-ever factory-installed automated shade option with the unveiling of all-new 510 Sundancer.

Sea Ray 510 Sundancer Showcase

With unique angled oversized hull windows, the 510 Sundancer is striking on the water. The 510DA is also Sea Ray’s most spacious sport yacht ever. With ample room for so many on-board, adding an automated shade for full cockpit enjoyment was one feature that Sea Ray just had to build into the design.


SureShade is very excited to announce that the all-new 510 Sundancer will offer our automated sunshade system as a factory-installed option! (and we think it’s a VERY notable accessory on this model!)

Sea Ray amps up the luxury level on the 510DA with the inclusion of the SureShade automated shade by giving boaters the choice to extend shade comfort beyond the hardtop to the entire aft cockpit at the touch of a button. SureShade’s self-supported framework eliminates the need for inhibitive and unattractive support poles, maintaining the distinctive open cockpit experience of the Sundancer line. Boaters can enjoy the ease of extending and retracting shade without physical handling of canvas.

Boat Demo Rides of the 510 Sundancer with Shade


After the unveiling of the 510 Sundancer at the Sea Ray Homecoming event, the boat experienced a constant flow of homecoming attendees boarding for boat demo rides to check out the all-new model.

Even with a full crew of guests on board, the entire cockpit was protected with shade. Best of all, there were no inhibitive poles to obstruct views of the beautiful Tennessee River.

A ride on board the 510DA was a first experience for most attendees in many ways… a first look at the Sea Ray 510 Sundancer, and a first look at a SureShade shade system installed at the Sea Ray factory.

Most Sea Ray boat owners are more familiar with an exposed cockpit, or having to deal with bimini support poles for canvas. Seeing a retractable shade system that actually gives you a choice to extend shade or retract it (without having to compromise the design of the boat we might add) was truly a unique experience for many long time Sea Ray boat owners. 

SureShade co-founders Dana & Ron Russikoff go for a cruise


The SureShade team was thrilled to be part of the Sea Ray Homecoming event as the new 510 Sundancer made its premiere. It’s always a pleasure to check out our latest shade installations in person (and of course we never turn down a ride on a fabulous boat – especially when we can sit under the shade!). But it was a particular pleasure to see and hear firsthand the reaction of Sea Ray boat owners, dealers and VIP guests at the homecoming event as Sea Ray unveiled its first-ever factory installation of our shade.

And with even more Sea Ray models in the works to offer our shade as a factory-install option, we expect we’ll get to sea trial many more models at future Sea Ray homecoming events!

Want to See More?

To view more photos of the 510 Sundancer with automated shade from the Sea Ray Homecoming event, as well as aftermarket installations on other Sea Ray models, visit our Sea Ray brand page.