SureShade telescoping boat shade systems provide more comfort, convenience & sun protection to make the experience even better

The boating industry is about more than just delivering a great product – it’s about delivering a great product that also enables boaters to have great experiences.

Today’s boat designs are focused on delivering on-water experiences boaters desire – from spending precious “together time” with the family to the exhilarating rush of reeling in the catch of the day, the boating experience is like no other.

To continually improve upon the experience, builders are introducing innovative new boat designs that maximize onboard activities while optimizing performance, luxury and comfort.

Unfortunately, all those innovative design details won’t truly elevate a boater’s experience unless you are meeting one of the most basic needs on a boat – protection from the sun.

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Extending Boat Designs

When it comes to equipping boats with our automated or manual boat shades, SureShade has literally become a natural extension of boat designs.  

Offering a flexible sunshade product line that addresses nearly any boat size, SureShade enables OEMs to design boats that include a shade feature without compromising the boat’s original design and aesthetics. We work with OEM engineering teams to ensure their self-supported, telescoping framework becomes a seamless extension of a boat’s hardtop, arch, tower or T-top.


sureshade bow shadeThe addition of a SureShade sunshade system enables more of the boat to be utilized and enjoyed. Indoor/outdoor spaces have a more continuous flow of comfort, while new social zones can be created for cockpit, bow or both areas of a boat.

More shade has very tangible benefits for boaters. They are more comfortable, have improved sun protection and are able to enjoy more time on the boat. Simply put, more shade makes the experience even better.

Industry Standard for Shade

With factory installs now offered on over 100 boat models, many of the industry’s top-selling boat models feature SureShade’s shade system as a standard feature or option – with a near 100% adoption rate when offered as an option.

“Builders and dealers are telling us that boat models with our shade are selling at a faster pace than others in the same segment without our shade,” says business leader and co-founder Dana Russikoff. “It’s a clear indication that boaters are making comfort, convenience and sun protection a priority with new boat purchase decisions.”

Each year the number of OEM factory-installed boat models nearly doubles, and the thousands of SureShade-equipped boats worldwide continues to fuel demand for aftermarket installations at an equally unprecedented rate. From the flagship ATF automated shade for boats over 30 feet to their latest RTX pull-out shade for the popular smaller boat segment, the company has set the standard for shade in the boating.

Next Generation Shades

Since first introduced to the industry 10 years ago at IBEX, SureShade has transformed boat designs with their telescoping sunshade systems and continues to evolve their product line to meet builder and boater demand.

SureShade will debut 2 new sunshade products at IBEX 2017 that offer OEMs and dealers improved functionality and flexibility for factory & aftermarket installations:

  • ATF-SG Shade is an electric shade with a new “silent glide” technology producing 35% less noise than their current ATF electric shade, while maintaining same packaged dimensions and operation.
  • MTX Shade is a new stainless steel, self-supported pull-out manual shade that will be ideal as forward and/or aft shade for center console and dual console boats. The MTX will be offered in 6FT and 9FT extension lengths, making it versatile as a self-supported aft or larger bow shade.

We’ll be debuting our next generation shades at IBEX September 19-21, 2017 in Tampa, FL – Booth #1349.