cruisers 45 Cantius debut

SureShade team joins Cruisers Yachts team for a spin on the brand-new 45 Cantius, cruising in comfort under the factory-installed automated shade

The innovative Cantius line by Cruisers Yachts with inside/outside floor plan is a game changing boat design… and the brand new 45 Cantius with automated shade completely ups the ante!

Cruisers recently held a private unveiling of the 45 Cantius at their 2013 Annual International Dealer Meeting in Sturgeon Bay, WI, where dealers and partners were impressed by both the boat and the factory-install shade option.

The SureShade™ team was thrilled to be there for the unveiling of the 45 Cantius, and we couldn’t wait to see both the boat and our factory-installed shade in action on the water firsthand.

Unveiling of the 45 Cantius with Shade


From the moment the 45 Cantius approached the docks for the unveiling at the dealer meeting, it was clear to everyone that the shade would be a stand-out new feature to the Cantius line.

As the 45 Cantius was announced by Cruisers Yachts director of product development and engineering Tony Martens, the boat made a few spins in the cove to showcase the impressive vessel (and the impressive shade we might add!) before greeting the crowd eagerly anticipating its arrival at the docks.


Once on board, it is easy to see why Cruisers touts the yacht’s design as “bringing the inside outside”.

The open floor plan design brings everything up on deck – including the salon and galley. There is also a swinging stainless steel glass entry door and window over the galley that can be opened to create an open and spacious entertaining area that seamlessly connects with the cockpit. 

Cruisers Yachts dealers Greg and Ryan Crate of Crate’s Marine in Keswick Canada


And that seamless connection between the salon and the cockpit is where SureShade comes in – and where our shade comes out (or goes back in if you choose)!

So whether you are sitting in the salon under the hardtop or outside under the shade, you get the sense of being in one big open space.

At the touch of a button the shade extends for an additional 6 feet of shade coverage over the cockpit area… all in less than 60 seconds.

Cruisers Yachts did a beautiful job engineering the hardtop to accommodate our shade so it is truly integrated. When the shade is retracted a custom fiberglass end cap makes it virtually disappear into the hardtop.

The power toggle switch is conveniently located just outside the salon door under the hardtop overhang so that the shade can be operated when needed.

Shade when you need it, and no canvas to handle when you want to put it away. Who wouldn’t want this option?

Cruising on the 45 Cantius

After everyone had a chance to check out the boat, we finally had our chance to go for a cruise!

SureShade co-founders Ron and Dana Russikoff joined the Cruisers team for a spin around the beautiful Sturgeon Bay (home to Cruisers Yachts).

As expected, the boat performed beautifully during our test cruise. With twin Volvo Penta diesel IPS (500 or 600) engines and standard joystick operated Volvo Diesel IPS systems, the boat maneuvered easily through the Sturgeon Bay.

And best of all, we enjoyed our cruise completely protected from the sun under the shade. Designed to withstand speeds up to 50 MPH, the automated sunshade system was able to remain fully extended during the cruise.

The quality marine grade construction of the shade includes a heavy-duty stainless steel framework that is built for optimal performance on the water.

In fact, we think the biggest “problem” you’ll have with this boat is telling your friends that the party is over and it’s time for them to go! Because at some point you’ll want to retreat below decks to your beautifully appointed stateroom for some much needed rest!

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