dealer recognition

SureShade, the designer and manufacturer of retractable sunshade systems for the marine industry, announces a new annual award program to recognize boat dealers who offer outstanding sales and service to boaters opting to add SureShade sunshade systems to their boats.

Boat dealers remain an important partner in the sales and installation process as SureShade continues to grow as a must-have marine sunshade option for new or pre-owned boats. The SureShade Dealer Award Program has been created to formally recognize top boat dealers for their sales and service efforts throughout the year.

The award and recognition program will evaluate dealer performance throughout the year to determine award winners by year end. Boat dealers will be evaluated based on the criteria of sales performance, installation expertise, customer service and co-marketing efforts.

SureShade will also engage end-user boater participation in the award determination process by requesting private boat owners to nominate dealers they feel are deserving of the award based on their overall customer satisfaction.

The SureShade Dealer Award Program is open to all U.S., Canadian and International boat dealers involved in the sale or installation of SureShade retractable sunshade systems. Dealers are also encouraged to take advantage of available boat dealer service and support resources that guide them through the product introduction, design, pricing, sales and installation process. Additional resources are available for customized marketing support by boat brand and style.

For more information on available boat dealer resources, or to inquire about offering SureShade as a value-add option for boaters, visit