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More comfort, convenience & sun protection to make the experience even better.

SureShade® delivers improved sun protection and on-board comfort with manual & automated telescoping boat shade systems for a permanent sunshade solution that can be installed on a hardtop, T-top, tower or arch for more shade protection in the cockpit or bow (or both) of a boat.

Installed on thousands of boats worldwide, more and more boat builders are choosing to add SureShade retractable sunshade systems to new boat model designs… and our shade systems have quickly become a must-have feature boaters are demanding for both new boats and aftermarket equipment upgrades.

SureShade is the new industry standard for boat shade.

Sabre 42 Salon
Phil S.
Sabre 42 Salon Express / ATF Automated Shade

If it Doesn't have a SureShade, it's Just Another Boat!

We are so happy with our SureShade shade system and how essential it has become for our boat. As far as we are concerned, if it doesn't have a SureShade, it's not a boat!

Tiara 2900 Open
Denny T.
Tiara 2900 Open / ATF Automated Boat Shade

Do You Want Sun or Shade?

The huge advantage of a SureShade top is that it has no metal framing or straps that can interfere with full access around the open area of our Tiara. Now I can ask my guests in the open area: do you want sun or shade, and let me know if you want to change it at any time.

boston whaler 370 outrage
Stu T.
Boston Whaler 370 Outrage / ATF Automated Boat Shade

Absolutely Necessary!

Absolutely necessary when grilling on our Boston Whaler 370 Outrage. One of the most important additions to our boat hands down. Would highly recommend an electronic SureShade to anyone who loves boating as much as we do.

grady-white 282 sailfish
Tom G.
Grady-White 282 / MTF Manual Boat Shade

We Are Able to Stay Out Longer on the Boat

The summer sun is quite brutal in SW Florida and the shade is appreciated by all passengers. The SureShade provides extra sun protection over the entire cockpit of my boat. We were able to stay out longer on the boat and still keep everyone protected from the direct sun.

MTF shade
John H.
Signature Haines / MTF Manual Shade

I strongly recommend SureShade - don't hesitate, just do it!

Our SureShade top turned out even better than expected! The shade now covers for full extent of the quarterdeck, with no side poles to get in the way of the fishing rods. It’s just a simple little exercise of winding the handle for the telescopic poles, and Hey Presto – instant shade.

Boston Whaler 320 Outrage Cuddy
Antonio P.
Boston Whaler 320 Outrage Cuddy / MTF Manual Shade

The Design is Very Simple to Operate and Maintain

SureShade is just perfect for my boat - very well finished and it looks like an original part of the boat. Our family is happy to have a SureShade on board all the time to make sure I always have a shade to enjoy the day. I am completely happy and satisfied with your product!

Sabre 38
Roger P.
Sabre 38 / ATF Automated Shade

A Wonderful Addition!

SureShade was a wonderful addition to my boat and over the 2600 miles from Palm Beach to Lake Michigan I was asked at least a dozen times by boaters along the way about the shade.

World Cat 266
Lauren & John T.
World Cat 266 / MTF Manual Boat Shade

It is Too Sunny for Just a T-Top!

Getting the SureShade MTF manual boat shade was a necessary upgrade that was easily installed aftermarket. We love the SureShade because it does not use poles that go into our rod holders and take up room. It is super sturdy and looks great! We love the design and the [Sunbrella] fabric used.

38 Salon Express
Scott B.
Sabre 38 Salon Express / ATF Automated Shade

I Wouldn't Own a Boat Without a SureShade!

We choose SureShade for its design, ease of operation and great looks. With just a push of a button we can go from full sun in the cockpit to shade in a matter of seconds.

Grady White 28 Marlin
Neil B.
Grady White 28 Marlin / MTF Manual Shade

Enhances the Value of My Boat

I love the fact that there are no straps or supports that might interfere with other activities on board. Aside from being very functional, I think it looks well integrated and enhances the value of the boat.

210 outrage rtx
Andy S.
Boston Whaler 210 Outrage / RTX Pull-Out Shade

You Can't Own a Boat Without Having a SureShade!

Love SureShade. SureShade solves our family's sun problems by providing coverage for the entire boat with ease. Setup is easy and quick, and nothing obstructs the fishing poles. I can even leave it out while underway - hit 30 knots without retracting the shades. Thank you for making this product a reality and supporting DIYers with older boats.

Featured on 50+ Leading Boat Brands Worldwide

SureShade’s Patented Sunshade Systems



SureShade RTX

SureShade RTX
Pull-Out Shade

  • Pull-out/Push-in Shade
  • Boats Under 27 Feet

SureShade MTF
Manual Shade

  • Manually Operated Shade
  • Boats Under 35 Feet
SureShade ATF Automated Shade

SureShade ATF
Automated Shade

  • Electrically Operated Shade
  • Boats Over 30 Feet

SureShade M3
Mega Shade

  • Electrically Operated Shade
  • Boats Over 60 Feet

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SureShade’s patented technology is an industry game changer for boat builders, dealers and boaters.

SureShade holds numerous U.S. and International patents or patent approvals for every major component of their shade systems, including: telescoping framework, cambered roller, canvas control and mid-cross bar support.

Specific products under patent protection include SureShade® ATF automated shade system, SureShade® MTF manual shade system and SureShade® RTX pull-out shade system.

patented technology
Get more shade for your new or existing boat. If you are buying a new boat we can work with your dealer or builder to have SureShade installed at the factory. If you are looking to upgrade an existing boat, choose from DIY or dealer installed shade options.


Get the patented telescoping shade systems that boaters are demanding! Add SureShade to your new boat models as a factory installed option or standard feature. We’ll work directly with your design and engineering teams to determine the optimal shade type and placement.


Get your boat clients under the shade by offering SureShade as both a factory option or aftermarket installation. Dealers that stock their boat yard with new models equipped with SureShade sell more more new boats faster. By offering boat clients aftermarket SureShade installations you can enjoy dealer discount pricing on the shade while earning service revenue from installations.


Why Boaters, Builders & Dealers Love SureShade

  • Adds shade and improved sun protection while enhancing boat designs

  • Fully retractable systems – choose when you want shade or sun
  • Self-supported framework with patented telescoping technology requires no support poles
  • Manual or automated boat shade system options for any size or style boat
  • Custom fit shades with cambered roller options to match the curves of boats
  • Factory, Dealer or DIY installation options for new & existing boats

How to Buy

Private Boat Owners

Private boat owners can purchase a SureShade retractable sunshade and have it installed on nearly any new or used boat model with an overhead structure. 


Boat Builders / Dealers

Builders: Add a factory-installed shade option or feature to your boat line as part of a new boat design or retrofit.
Dealers:  Offer our shade to clients as an aftermarket installation.


A Commitment to Sun Safety

“Sunscreen, sunwear & SureShade… it’s the sensible way to boat”


SureShade is proud to be presenting partner for Sun Safe Boating – an industry collaborative to improve sun safety awareness in boating.