Sea Ray SLX Series

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Sea Ray SLX Series- Featured Models Equipped with SureShade

SureShade is available on many new Sea Ray SLX models for additional sun protection, and can be also offered as an aftermarket installation.

Explore our gallery of factory and aftermarket SureShade-equipped Sea Ray SLX models.

Factory Installations

Featured Factory-Installed Models:

  • 400 SLX – ATF Automated Shade
  • 400 SLX with Outboards – ATF Automated Shade
  • 350 SLX – ATF Automated Shade
  • 350 SLX with Outboards – ATF Automated Shade
  • 310 SLX – ATF Automated Shade
  • 310 SLX with Outboards – ATF Automated Shade

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Aftermarket Installations

Featured Aftermarket-Installed Model:

  • 250 SLX – MTF Manual Shade

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Get SureShade on your Sea Ray

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Contact a Sea Ray dealer to request a SureShade sunshade system on your boat, or send us an inquiry with your boat requirements.

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