Boston Whaler 270 dual shadesCockpit and forward shade installations prove that you can never have enough shade on a boat

If one shade is nice, then having two shades is twice as nice… and definitely twice as shady!

Having a retractable shade in the cockpit has become one of the most popular ways to get shade on a boat, and now many boaters with open bow boats are opting to have a second shade installed.

Two retractable shades provide optimum comfort and versatility when using the boat. A double shade installation gives the entire crew sun protection on board, with the ability to extend or retract either shade when as needed.

Whether you are choosing two automated shades, two manual shades or a combination, SureShade offers boaters an easier way to extend canvas for more shade on more of your boat.

Cockpit shades can even be extended while underway, however we recommend retracting forward bow shades when cruising for improved performance of your boat and longevity of your shade.

Here are five popular boat models that had two SureShade retractable sunshades installed; giving boaters more shade coverage in both the aft cockpit and forward bow of the boat.

Grady-White 306 Express


Two automated sunshades were installed on this Grady-White 306 Express, giving boaters continuous sun protection from the stern to the bow.

The shade installations came complete with two switches at the helm so the boater could choose to electrically extend canvas to the cockpit, bow or both at the same time.

Outermost Harbor Marine in Chatham, MA (Grady-White’s #1 Sales Dealer in the World for 2013) installed these two shades on the Grady-White 306 Express.


Boston Whaler 270 Vantage


SureShade has quickly become a popular aftermarket installation for Boston Whaler’s new 270 Vantage as boaters are looking for the same shade offered as a factory install on many other Boston Whaler models (like the 285, 315 and 345 Conquest).

This new 270 Vantage got two new manual shades installed prior to making delivery to its new owner.

The lightweight manual version is the perfect option for smaller boats, operating with a simple hand lever to retract or extend the shades.

This double shade installation was completed by Hampton Watercraft & Marine in Long Island, NY.


Boston Whaler 370 Outrage


The Boston Whaler 370 Outrage was the first boat to offer SureShade commercially as a factory installed option with a fully integrated automated cockpit shade.

The popular cockpit shade option got a forward bow companion on this 370 Outrage with a SureShade manual shade installation. Now this boater has full shade coverage, stern to bow, with double shades that offer dual operation – electrically operated cockpit shade and a manually operated forward bow shade.

Boston Whaler dealer Nautimar (located in Dominican Republic) installed this shade, making it the first aftermarket manual sunshade system in the forward cockpit area of the 370 Outrage.


ProLine 29 Grand Sport


Two SureShade manual retractable shades were added to this 2008 ProLine 29 Grand Sport, giving the Caribbean based boat owner some much needed escape from hot sunny days on the water.

Featuring an under-mount installation, each shade works independently with a hand lever, giving the captain options for provide complete shade coverage from stern to bow.

The shades on the ProLine were installed by the same dealer that installed two shades on the 370 Outrage – Nautimar in the Dominican Republic. Nautimar is also a dealer who also has installed many single shades on a variety of boat models.


Boston Whaler 320 Outrage


A brand new 320 Outrage was sold by Mexican Boston Whaler dealer Marina Sureste and the owner wanted two manual sunshade systems installed before they got the boat.

Miami installers Yacht Aid Marine assisted with the install of both the forward and aft sunshade systems before it was en route to its new owner in Mexico.

Watch it in Action

They were also nice enough to capture this great demo video after the installation showing how the dual manual shades operate on the boat.

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