Tiara 2900 OpenAftermarket install of SureShade retractable shade gives Tiara owner more shade flexibility for fun on the water


Tiara Yacht owners love the big wide open deck styling of the Tiara Open series. And they love the versatility of use the open cockpit provides – for fishing, cruising and relaxing – these boats are engineered for performance and enjoyment.

There is no doubt that the classic style of the Tiara Open is designed to turn heads. But the challenge for many owners has been adding more shade in the cockpit without compromising the spirit of the open design.

Many Tiara boat owners are looking for a high quality shade that is built with design standards worthy of Tiara Yachts. 

Extending Tiara Open Versatility with Shade

An aftermarket installation of the SureShade retractable shade has become a very popular upgrade… and we are seeing more and more Tiara Yacht owners adding our shade. Many are looking for that same quality, American-made telescoping shade design now offered on the Tiara 50 Coupe.

Denny Trooien, Captain of the Edgar A, wanted more shade on his 2006 Tiara 2900 Open Express (now offered as the 3100 Open).

Denny enjoys his boat along the Florida gulf shore, and chose an automated SureShade system for the flexibility it provided on his Tiara.

At a touch of a button, the electrically powered telescoping shade extends canvas from the hardtop to transform the wide open cockpit into a shady oasis… a much appreciated amenity in the hot Florida sun. It then just as easily retracts the canvas to a closed position at the edge of the hardtop when shade is no longer needed.

“We really enjoy our day boating in the Sanibel and Captiva area,” says Denny. “Now I can ask my guests in the open area: do you want sun or shade, and let me know if you want to change it at any time.”

The automated shade installation on Denny’s Tiara 2900 Open Express was completed by Ron Reagan with A New Look Canvas and Upholstery (located in Cape Coral, FL – 239-246-5297).

The boat features a top mounted installation that seamlessly extends canvas from the hardtop with the use of patented telescoping framework that eliminates the need for support poles or handling of canvas.

The shade offers full cockpit coverage when extended, and when retracted the shade is neatly up against the edge of the hardtop. The SureShade system is hard wired to electrically power it and operated from a switch at the helm.

On the design and functionality, Denny comments,

“The huge advantage of a SureShade top is that it has no metal framing or straps that can interfere with full access around the open area of our Tiara. And that also means no tubular frames and straps being tossed about in the wind or the waves.”

Simply put, “We are enjoying it very much,” says Denny.

This Tiara Open shade upgrade is one of many aftermarket SureShade installations on Tiara boat models – with aftermarket installations also completed on Sovran and Coronet models.

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