SureShade IBEX 2017

Marking 10 Years, Global Sales of Patented Telescoping Sunshade Systems Continue to Grow at Significant Rate for Factory and Aftermarket Clients

SureShade, the U.S. designer and manufacturer of patented retractable sunshade systems for the marine industry, reports global revenue sales for their patented marine sunshade systems have grown 45% for FY 2017 vs FY 2016, culminating their 10th anniversary year since initial product launch to the marine industry.

SureShade also reports that OEMs added their shade systems to 28 new boat models in 2017, bringing their OEM portfolio to 116 SureShade-equipped boat models as a factory installed option or standard feature. In addition to factory-install sales, the company’s aftermarket sales with dealers and private boaters contributed substantially to their annual sales revenue in 2017.

SureShade’s sustained growth has been fueled by the rapid adoption by builders and private boat owners of their patented retractable sunshade systems as a must-have American made marine accessory. The company also attributes its 2017 growth to increased international sales, an expanded sales & service team and the 2017 introduction of three new marine sunshade products.

“With the introduction of SureShade’s patented telescoping sunshade systems to the industry 10 years ago, we created and continue to dominate a new category in boat accessories,” said Dana Russikoff, SureShade business leader and co-founder. “As we continue our growth as global leader in marine sunshade systems, we remain focused on delivering products that meet the design and functionality needs of OEMs and, ultimately, create an even better experience for boaters.”

SureShade is projecting to continue or exceed their growth pace throughout 2018 and is gearing up for another record presence of new and existing boat models on display at the 2018 Miami International Boat Show in February.

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