SureShade SGT 85 percent noise reduction

SureShade has developed a next-generation automated retractable sunshade system with its new ATF-SG shade – an electric shade with “silent glide” technology producing 85% less noise than its current ATF electric shade

SureShade’s flagship ATF Automated Boat Shade, which debuted at the 2007 IBEX, currently produces a noise level of 85-90 decibels as the actuator motors electrically extend or retract. Although the shade typically only operates for 30 seconds, builders and boaters have requested quieter operation of the ATF shade.

With ATF-SG, SureShade has achieved a quieter electric shade system that does not compromise the streamlined design, framework dimensions or installation process of the current ATF electric shade.

Simply Much Quieter Electric Shade

ATF-SG has the same exact look and feel of the current ATF shade as all enhancements are internal to the drive system – it is simply much quieter.

Specific enhancements to achieve this noise reduction are proprietary, however it does consist of a modified drive screw and motor gearbox design.

ATF-SG shade significantly reduces noise levels from 85-90 decibels to only 58-60 decibels when the actuator is operating during extension and retraction. This represents a 85% reduction in noise.

Given that the ATF-SG is virtually the same shade as SureShade’s current supply – only that it is quieter – it maintains the same packaged dimensions and operation and can be supplied for current boat models that offer the shade without any impact to current installation, engineering or new product development efforts.

SureShade ATF-SG Product Introduction Video

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A prototype demo of the new ATF-SG boat shade product was introduced to the marine industry during the 2017 IBEX show along with the new MTX boat shade and SS Solar Shade. Products will be available for builders to order immediately after IBEX, and SureShade anticipates these new product debuts to generate considerable demand from OEMs, dealers and boaters.