Paddleboard rack

Grady-White 330 Express boat owner discovers ingenious way to use their SureShade retractable shade as a sturdy stand-up paddleboard rack

Storage is always an issue on boats. Boaters are always looking for new ways to stow away all their gear. With that extra gear for watersports and activities on the water – like the popular sport of stand-up paddleboarding – safely stowing gear can be a challenge.


When Ariel, a boater in Puerto Rico, recently added a SureShade automated shade system installed on his new 2014 Grady-White 330 Express Enclosed (installed by SureShade 2012 Dealer of the Year People’s Marine), he quickly realized that his new retractable shade was as versatile as it was convenient.

Ariel needed a good place to stow his family’s paddleboard on the boat and had the ingenious idea to use the sturdy framework of the shade system as a paddleboard rack.



He wanted a rack for his paddleboard that didn’t require perforations of the hard top and came up with the idea of making use of the SureShade shade system framework for his SUP.


Ariel contacted SureShade for spare mounting brackets that he then bolted on upside down and welded the clamps to a standard paddleboard rack.


The stand-up paddleboard sits securely on the rack that is attached to the SureShade system. Our automated shade system, made with stainless steel framework, uses specialized mounting brackets that is strong enough to support the board. The best part is that the shade is still fully functional with or without the paddleboard on top.

“I use the shade perfectly even when the paddleboard is on top and I’m very happy with it,” says Ariel.

We think Ariel’s idea was very clever! Just another example of how SureShade customers are maximizing their convenience and enjoyment on the water.

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