Sessa Marine

Sessa Marine Key Largo 36 showcased the SureShade automated retractable sunshade system at the 2010 Genoa International Boat Show

SureShade has partnered with some of the best boat builders in the industry, and was proud to be featured on the stylish and innovative Key Largo 36 by Sessa Marine at the 2010 Genoa International Boat Show October 2-10 in Genoa, Italy.

The Key Largo 36 is known for combining power and comfort with an open deck layout and its three outboard 350 HP engines.

SureShade helps Sessa Marine take this concept a step further with the comfort of shade, powered by an automated retractable sunshade system.

The SureShade retractable top was a show stopper for Italian boat builder Sessa Marine at the Genoa International Boat Show. Fully integrated within their existing hardtop, the beautiful teak decking and ample cockpit seating can be covered with shade at the touch of a button.

Key Largo 36 with SureShade fully integrated sunshade system.

Boaters enjoying an afternoon on deck of the KL36 can choose to bask in the sun by simply retracting the SureShade sunshade system neatly into the hardtop of the boat.

Sessa Marine KL36 with SureShade top in retracted (closed) position.

When it starts to heat up on the water, KL36 boaters can cool off quickly by easily extending the SureShade sunshade system over the entire length of the cockpit.

The SureShade top offers full cockpit shade coverage on the KL36.
Sessa Marine attracted a lot of attention at the Genoa Boat Show with their innovative and stylish Key Largo 36 complimented by an equally innovative and stylish shade system.
The SureShade top impressed boat builders, dealers and boaters in Genoa.
Now is the time to start thinking about how to differentiate your boat line and offer customers a cutting-edge shade solution that enhances the boating experience and increases your revenue.