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Starcraft Marine takes boat comfort and luxury features to a whole new level with all-new Starcraft Majestic 256 Starliner featuring first SureShade automated shades on a pontoon [VIDEO FEATURE]

Today’s pontoon boats are packed with luxury features for on-deck comfort and entertaining… and the bar has just been raised further with the launch of the all-new Starcraft Majestic 256 Starliner.

Designed for a day of luxury cruising, the Starcraft Majestic 256 Starliner is like no other pontoon boat on the market. To fully enjoy the abundant deck amenities this 256 Starliner was equipped with a dual automated shade by SureShade… making it the most comfortable high-end pontoon boat around.

The 256 Starliner is the first pontoon boat to install dual SureShade shades.

Built by Starcraft Marine, the 2013 Majestic 256 Starliner is leading the pontoon boat industry by being the first pontoon boat model to install a SureShade retractable sunshade system. In fact, this 256 Starliner is featuring a dual automated shade – providing two shades for full deck comfort in the aft and bow area of the boat.

“We have spared no expense with luxury features on our Majestic line of Pontoon boats, and we’ve truly upped the ante with the launch of our 256 Starliner with the SureShade automated sunshades,” said Mark Neibert, R&D/Design, Engineering Manager at Starcraft Marine. “The dual automated shade transforms the entire deck into a shady oasis to fully enjoy all the amenities of the 256 Starliner in comfort and style.”

SureShade automated retractable shade makes luxury pontoon boats like the 256 Starliner even more comfortable.

At the touch of a button canvas can be extended for full shade coverage on the pontoon deck. Best of all, the self-supported framework of SureShade’s design means there are no inhibitive poles to ruin your view of the water, access to watersports activities or reeling in an afternoon catch. The automated shade lets you spend more time on the water with the comfort shade and safety of more sun protection.

Most pontoon boat owners agree that comfort and convenience lead their list of criteria when choosing a boat. With the convenience of retracting or extending canvas at the touch of a button, combined with the level of comfort more shade provides on deck, SureShade makes the perfect addition to luxury pontoon boats.

See SureShade in action on the Starcraft Majestic 256 Starliner:

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