Grady White Freedom 335

The innovative SureShade boat top design is the ideal solution for unobstructed shade on any style fishing boat

There’s nothing better than spending the day out on the water fishing with friends… and then reeling in the catch of the day! But baking in the hot sun can turn an enjoyable boating experience into an uncomfortable one.

The deck design of most fishing boats is typically spacious enough to accommodate casting off and reeling in while fishing. Unfortunately, this design also leaves anglers exposed to the hot sun. It’s no surprise that some of the first boats to sport a SureShade top were fishing boats.

Top of the line fishing boat brands like the Boston Whaler and Grady-White are choosing to further differentiate themselves in the market with SureShade retractable boat tops.

Sunshade Designed for Angler’s Comfort and Convenience On-Deck

With SureShade’s innovative retractable boat tops, fishing boats can finally have a fully shaded cockpit without compromising the design or aesthetics of the boat, and more importantly, without interfering with the sport.


Because we work with directly with boat builders and dealers on every new SureShade application, we custom design our boat shade tops to best fit each boat design.

So whether it’s a center console or a sportfish tower, the boat shade top will be designed for optimal installation and use on that particular boat style.


It all starts with CAD installation concepts that depict the exact placement of the SureShade top on the boat make and model – prior to even manufacturing the sunshade system for a new boat style. Shade coverage, functionality, durability and overall aesthetics are reviewed for best placement of SureShade tops. For fishing boats, special consideration is also made for existing equipment and rod holders to ensure an optimal fishing experience.

In fact, we work so closely with boat manufacturers on our designs that we even developed a Manual boat shade at their request. Functioning with the same telescoping framework as the Automated Tele-frame boat top, the manual version operates with a hand lever and is an economical choice for many smaller fishing boats.

Quick Shade on Fishing Boats When Needed

The beauty of the SureShade tele-frame technology is that it can be opened quickly without the need for tedious canvas handling. Anglers can spend less time fighting with a traditional canvas bimini top and more time fighting the big catch.


Our Automated Tele-frame boat top will conveniently extend or retract at the touch of a button. The electric shade system’s operation is truly a “hands-free” option. And the robust, self-supported framework is sturdy enough to remain extended over the boat deck while underway – keeping your crew protected from the sun during those offshore runs.

No Interference with Fishing Activities on Deck

A clear, unobstructed view while standing under the canvas shade is one of the big reasons why new and existing boat owners are opting for a SureShade retractable sunshade system.


For fishing, the self-supported framework means no poles in the back of the boat to interfere with fishing rods. Casting, reeling and accessing fishing rods is much easier with no poles in the way. And boarding the boat with the top fully extended is also easier than dodging traditional bimini top poles on the boat deck.

With so many advantages for fishing boats, it’s no wonder top boat builders and manufacturers are showcasing SureShade on their boats. It’s a natural extension to the innovative designs of today’s fishing boats.

So as you check out the competition at your next fishing tournament, its only natural if you also notice more and more fishing boats sporting SureShade retractable boat tops! And with less exposure to the sun’s energy-zapping rays – that could be the difference between 1st and 2nd place!