SureShade Gallery of Motor Yacht Boat Models

Leading center console and offshore sportfishing boat brands are recognizing that boaters want more shade coverage without compromising their ability to fish, lounge or cruise in their center console and offshore sportfishing boat.

With SureShade, canvas is easily extended beyond the center console helm to provide sun protection in the aft cockpit or forward bow area of the boat. Whether choosing a manual system operated with a hand lever or fully automated system, retractable sunshade systems from SureShade are a great solution for more shade on center console and offshore sportfishing boats.

Factory-installed OEM options are currently available on select new models, and aftermarket installations are available on nearly any boat brand and model.

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How to Buy

Private Boat Owners

Private boat owners can purchase a SureShade retractable sunshade and have it installed on nearly any new or used boat model with an overhead structure. 


Boat Builders / Dealers

Builders: Add a factory-installed shade option or feature to your boat line as part of a new boat design or retrofit.
Dealers:  Offer our shade to clients as an aftermarket installation.


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