Formula 370SS

2013/2014 Annual Formula Boats Dealer Meeting showcases the SureShade option on 370 SS and 350 CBR

Formula Boats has been creating quite a bit of buzz lately with their new 370 SS and 350 CBR… with new design features that are stylish, innovative and very shady.

Last fall, Formula Boats chose to debut these two exciting new boat models to their lineup with SureShade retractable shades at the 2013 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show… making them the first boat builder to debut two new boat models with our shade at one major boat show.

Formula boat dealers got to see first-hand what the buzz was all about when they tested the SureShade retractable sunshade on the 350 CBR at their annual dealer meeting in December 2013. Sales and service reps gathered just before the holidays at the Formula factory in Decatur, Indiana for their annual review of new models which includes both the 370 SS and 35 CBR with retractable shade.

The SureShade team was on-hand at the Formula dealer event to answer questions and proudly demo the shade on the 350 CBR that was displayed on the factory floor.

Shady Points of View

We enjoyed speaking with many Formula sales and service reps from across the country, which included both newcomers to our shade and dealers already familiar with the shade option on other boat brands.

Chris Jamieson, a senior sales consultant and brand manager with Hampton Watercraft & Marine in NY, commented on how the shade has become the talk of the dock at their dealership.

“Many people are drawn to the shade before they check out the boat – it’s a great way to catch their attention,” said Chris.

Chris has already had several years of experience with selling the SureShade product. In addition to offering Formula Boats at Hampton Watercraft & Marine, they are also a dealer for Boston Whaler and Tiara Yachts – brands that also offer our shade on new boat models.

He added that the shade is so popular many boaters are now demanding it, saying ”The majority of our large boat clients now routinely ask for Sure Shade as an option they need to have on board”.

Formula Boats Demo

The annual Formula dealer meeting gave the SureShade team a chance to present both factory-install and aftermarket options for our retractable sunshades. We can proudly say that the Formula Boats team is not only thoroughly prepped, but also our latest champions for the shady side of boating!

VIDEO DEMO: See our shade in action on the Formula 370 SS and 350 CBR:

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