factory installation

Manufacturers can add innovative retractable sunshade systems to their boat lines as a factory installed option that seamlessly integrates with designs

More and more boaters are demanding advanced technology, styling and design options with their boat purchases. They expect their boats to come off of the factory line with all the bells and whistles already in place for their first cruise.
An innovative sunshade system doesn’t need to be a design afterthought for new boats. SureShade retractable sunshade systems can be offered as a factory-installed option that is seamlessly integrated into new boat designs – adding a valuable sales option for boat builders and the ultimate shade solution for boaters their first day on the water.

Factory-Install Process for Retractable Marine Canvas

The patented designs of our marine-grade retractable sunshade systems have made us the must-have canvas solution for the marine industry. Currently about 50% of SureShade installations are factory-install options offered by the boat builder.

SureShade works directly with boat builders to ensure the best design and installation process of sunshade systems for each boat brand and model so that the shade looks like a natural extension of the boat.

Typically the process starts with a design consultation with the boat builder’s product development and engineering teams to determine the best placement design for sunshades. SureShade then produces 3D engineering models depicting how the shade’s framework will integrate with the boat design.

Prior to finalizing the factory-install option, design details for each boat are reviewed, including:

  • Choosing an automatic or manual sunshade system
  • Selecting a surface-mount or fully integrated installation method
  • Determining the optimal size for the canvas extension for shade coverage
  • Finalizing retractable system components (such as an arched roller to complement curves of a boat design)

SureShade can work with existing boat designs or, depending on the style of the boat and the type of installation required, we can help builders accommodate shade systems with minor changes to hardtop or bridge structures to make them fully integrated and seamless additions.

If a builder does not want to make significant changes to their hardtop to fully integrate the shade – but they still want to conceal the shade’s framework – they can consider a topside surface mount and then add fiberglass covers to enclose the actuators along with a fiberglass plate to conceal the roller.

Choosing a Retractable Sunshade System as a Factory-Install Option

For boat dealers, the custom factory-install option for retractable canvas is easier to sell because it can be fully installed on the boat and available right off the factory line. In a competitive boat market, innovative options like a retractable sunshade with telescoping technology can help differentiate boat lines.

Boston Whaler, for example, currently offers an automated sunshade system as an option on their 370 Outrage and is experiencing a 90% adoption rate with new boat purchases. In fact, the SureShade retractable sunshade option has been so successful on the 370 Outrage that they are rolling out a SureShade manual system as a factory-install option on their 2012 285CQ.

For boat buyers that demand the latest technology innovations and conveniences on new boats, there’s nothing more convenient than a factory-installed canvas system that delivers hassle-free shade on-demand.

Canvas Solutions with Factory or Aftermarket Installation Options

While a factory-install option for retractable marine canvas is really the ultimate in convenience – for boat builders, dealers AND boaters – aftermarket installation options are also a great choice.

Boat dealers can offer their clients a SureShade retractable sunshade system as an aftermarket installation for new or used boats. In-house service teams can easily complete installation for clients by following installation guidelines provided by SureShade.

An aftermarket installation of the SureShade system is a great upgrade for boaters looking for an innovative way to extend canvas for more adequate shade on many different types of boats. With costs comparable to traditional fixed pole systems, the high tech option of having the choice to extend or retract canvas is a much better investment – for future resale value as well as enhancement of your boating experience.